Daily Archives: April 29, 2013

When Summer Comes

Brenda NovakI gave this story a much-deserved 5 stars. It’s another book in the Whiskey Creek series. The small town, everyone knows everyone, and everything about them mentality, doesn’t bode well for Callie keeping her illness secret.

Callie knows that family and friends will treat her differently when they find out she has a terminal illness and has at best only a few months to live. She moves out to the old family farm and intends to live the time she has left on her terms.

Life has a different idea and when she is awakened by an injured stranger at her door she finds someone to care for. Someone to help and befriend. She feels safe with Levi and it helps to know there is someone near if she needs help with the illness that looms in a threatening cloud over her days and nights.

Levi has returned from war injured in the worse way, his soul. Drifting across America on a motorcycle he has no place to go and no one to go too. Until Callie. He senses right away that there is something she’s hiding but then he has his own secrets. They strike a bargain. He’ll paint her barn for a few nights room and board. This will give him time to heal from the dog attack that brought him to her door.

Calli and Levi aren’t perfect people, no Hollywood glamour, no riches, just ordinary people put in a crisis that brings home just how short life is. Brenda Novak has again put together a story that will have you turning pages and staying up just one more minute.

This is a story I’d recommend for summer reading. And, well for that matter any season of reading. I LOVED IT!

NOTE: Laurie reminded me that Brenda’s Annual Online Auction For Diabetes Research will start May 1st. This has been a very successful auction and is gearing up for it’s biggest year yet. Thanks Laurie.