Happy Spring

GetAttachment[1]599602_578339868852455_1836309403_n[1]Oh Oh—After reading Jillian’s blog I thought “wow it is the third week of the month and I have a blog due”. Well I’ll come home from the ballgame and do it Tuesday night.” Didn’t happen! I was so cold when I got home that I took a bath and settle down in my chair and instantly went to sleep. So I apologize—again.

Softball season has been extremely cold this spring. Between make-up games and regularly scheduled games we are going every night of the week and Saturdays. But warmer weather is coming so I’m still optimistic that we really will have spring soon. In our area the flowers are gorgeous this year. I think they got tired of waiting for warm weather and are doing their best to make us think it’s spring.

I really can’t believe how fast the school year is going and we’ll soon have two “adult” granddaughters. Although during spring break, when one of them had to stay home to do some job shadowing, she called her Dad and said she didn’t like being an adult, she just wanted to be with all of us on Spring Break. He told her she didn’t have to do it all at once and I have hardly seen her out of her parent’s sight for the last month. Our other graduating senior just signed a letter of intent to play basketball at our local college. Should be fun as we’ll get to see her games again for the next couple of years, then she is, hopefully off to a Division I university. Seems like yesterday that they were both little girls playing house in the playroom with their dolls. They grow up way too fast and I am so thankful that we have got to be a big part of their lives.

No new calves yet, that should happen next month and we’ll be a little busier with the cattle. Right now they are at our next door neighbors and don’t even bother to come home unless I call them. Then they come running. That little bit of grain is still better than all that green grass.

4-H is going strong and our youngest granddaughter just got two new baby goats. She is not in “real” 4-H yet but will be next year so she now has a great start to a nice herd of Nubians. Our youngest grandson shows rabbits and is very busy with every other aspect of 4-H. He is an amazing cook and we are always excited to taste his new creations, plus he bakes really well!!

Again I apologize for this being late but will try to do better next month. HAPPY SPRING to each of you.

7 responses to “Happy Spring

  1. Nancy, I know this is a bittersweet Spring for you, with your granddaughters graduating from high school. I’m SO glad to hear at least one of them will be staying (and playing) locally for a while longer. Our oldest grandson is 21 and the youngest granddaugter is 3, so we’ve got a family that will keep us traipsing around for years to come. 🙂 But it does fly by too quickly, doesn’t it? Sigh.
    I’m looking forward to some new calf pictures next month. 🙂

  2. Nancy, you weren’t late. I’m reading this great post with my first cup of coffee. Okay so I did get up a little late. It was a busy day yesterday and we mowed lawns so all the fresh air boded well for a good nights sleep.

    I read some place that we have kids for the grand kids and I think it’s pretty true. I enjoyed our kids and all the growing up but with the grand kids I don’t have to worry about everyday things and if we spoil them we just give them back. 🙂

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Your family is lucky to have you, Nancy. You have got to be their biggest and bestest cheerleader! 😛

  4. Happy Spring to you too, Nancy, and glad your flowers are starting to bloom. Here in the UK we’ve had some warm weather which has made things spring to life. Let’s hope it lasts 🙂

  5. Belated Happy Spring from me too. Belated spring here although things are finally moving and lots of trees now in blossom. though still chilly. Children and grandchildren grow up far too fast and time certainly seems to pass quicker the older one gets.

  6. Happy spring indeed. My life is settling down a bit now and I’m getting caught up reading blogs. Glad things are rocking along for you. Enjoy the calves (when they come) and the ball games!

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