Sorry I missed my day to post. Just put my head on the pillow and realized it was the third Monday of the month. That pesky first being on a Monday threw me off. Tomorrow is my father’s 73rd birthday and his gift is a possible bypass surgery. We’re not sure yet as he may be able to get by with just a stent or two but the decision won’t be made until tomorrow. So, I’m a bit stressed and discombobulated. Sorry.

Feeling very down about the whole Boston Marathon bombing as well as the Iraq bombing today. Why is there such evil in the world? It just don’t get that mentality. Hurting others even by words is something I try not to do. I can’t even fathom the kinds of things these monsters are thinking. Wow. I’ve been praying for the victims all afternoon.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful april weather-wise. I know it’s been rough all over and I hope the snows some of you are having have finally stopped.

Let’s all hope for sunny skies and good things to happen the rest of the month. I’m hanging in there and hope anyone who sees this post is as well. We must believe in better days, right?

20 responses to “OOOPS!

  1. Jillian, I hope your father gets the care he needs and that all goes well for him and your family.

    Yes, I agree it is a sad day after what happened at the Boston Marathon.

    Jillian, even though your head was on the pillow, you got up and wrote your blog. Kudos for showing up!

  2. “Let’s all hope for sunny skies and good things to happen the rest of the month.” Well said Jillian. I’ll say a prayer for your father and that the right decision will be made. And, I can visualize the prayers that are winging their way to heaven for the Boston victims and for our world.

  3. Connie Fischer

    Saying prayers for your Dad that surgery is not needed. It’s amazing what those stents are able to fix these day. Crossing my fingers that just a stent is his birthday present.

    Praying too for the people in Boston. My husband and I cringe every time we glance at the clock and it happens to be 9:11. That happened yesterday morning which really gives me the creeps. Please, God. No more terrorism.

    • Thanks Connie, for the good wishes for my dad. I appreciate it.

      And yeah, wouldn’t an end to terrorism be wonderful? I can’t wrap my head around the need of some people to hurt and maim others.

  4. Ah, man. It was another sad day yesterday, wasn’t it. I’m with you. I don’t understand.
    As for your Dad, let us know how it goes. It sounds like they are catching things before some major problem can occur? That sounds like a good thing to me. Adding my prayers to the pool.

    • Yes, very sad day yesterday. I can’t wrap my head around it.

      Just heard about an hour ago, Dad has 100% blockage, has had a heart attack at some time recently and is set for open heart surgery first thing in the morning. Thanks for the prayers.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Praying for your father, Jillian. Praying for the surgical team this morning, and for you and your family as well.

    I cannot seem to let go of the whole Boston tragedy. It disturbs me on so many levels. That magnitude of hatred is unfathomable to me. We’re gearing up for the Pittsburgh marathon…so I am praying spectators and runners alike are kept safe from harm.

  6. Hoping all goes well for your father, Jillian. As to Boston, we are shocked at the news. Totally senseless – do these people not realise it does nothing for their cause, whatever it is. We have the London marathon here shortly and I know several people running in it who are nervous but determined to participate.

    • Thanks Kit. The surgery was today. Quad bypass and he came through fine. Will be in intensive care for 2 days.

      I hope the London marathon goes off without a hitch. Such evil in the world.

  7. Oh, many hugs to you, Jillian, and sending good thoughts your way. So pleased to hear your dad came through well.

    Many sad things happening in the world right now, and sometimes it’s extremely hard to focus on the light.


  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    Jillian…just wondering how your father is doing? Hope he’s regaining his strength and is recovering better than expected.

    • Thanks Valerie. He’s home and doing well. He’s got a bit of fluid retention that was a little scary but he’s well. I’m hoping life will be back to normal soon.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        Glad to hear he is doing well. Hope each day he regains more and more strength. Now that’s he’s home, he’ll get the rest he needs and just being out of the hospital makes a person feel better.

      • Amen, Valerie. He’s done amazingly well. The home health care nurse told him yesterday that she doesn’t need to come back. He’s bouncing back fast. I’m go thankful.

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    Wow! So glad to hear he’s going to be done with home health care. It’s amazing what the human body can do once it’s given a second chance. I am truly amazed at how far advanced medicine is these days…and changing all the time. I rejoice with you, Jillian. 😛

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