Warming up with Walkies

Since last April, it seems as if we’ve hardly gone a few days without being rained on here in the UK. Many places have seen flooding during the unprecedented rainfall, with homes and businesses being flooded over and over again. I can only imagine how depressing that must be for those people caught up in this miserable cycle, replacing carpets and furniture only to have them destroyed again as another deluge descends. Thankfully, the rain seems to have abated, and while we’ve had the coldest March since 1963, at least it has dried up a little and at times the sun has even peeked through.

We woke up to pretty chilly temperatures again this morning and they’re set to continue throughout the Easter weekend. Our favourite way to warm up is a visit to our local animal rescue centre where we are volunteer dog walkers. On the journey to the centre, we stop off at a farm shop for coffee/hot chocolate, sometimes accompanied by a tasty cake or bun. This morning we resisted the cakes as we’re both trying to shed a few pounds πŸ™‚

Tricia with Daisy and CJWhen we reached the centre, we were greeted by Daisy, the German Shephard, and CeeJay, a Westie, two delightful sisters who are always eager to get out in the country lanes for their walk. They came to the centre when their elderly owner died and are absolutely devoted to each other. On the walk, if one of them stops to sniff or do the necessary, the other one waits patiently until they can both walk on together again. They are absolutely delightful, even if they refuse to look the same direction when having their photo taken πŸ™‚ We were so pleased to know that they will soon be going home with their new owners who are thrilled to adopt them both. Such good news for these lovely girls.

TorWe also took Tor, a two year old Springer Spaniel and a real force of nature. Tor is very bright and gets bored very easily, so out on walks she’s all over the place searching for the next interesting thing.
AJ and Enzo 'Ferrari'Then there’s Enzo, who AJ has nicknamed Ferrari, because when he sits waiting for his walk, he’s like an engine revving for take off. He’s a beautiful two year old boy who is incredibly affectionate and really loves to be cuddled and stroked. A real delight.

What I love about these rescue dogs is that, regardless of the reasons they’ve come to the centre, often too harrowing to contemplate, they live in the moment. Even more amazing is how even after being ill treated they have this ability to let go of the past and put their trust in another human, often showering their love and affection even after a moment of meeting people. To continually put themselves on the line by giving their trust away so readily after it’s been broken, perhaps time and time again, is quite a thing and perhaps one of the reasons why dogs so easily capture my heart.

Photo0099Oh, in case you’re wondering, our guide dog puppy, Vinnie, has now entered full time training as it was decided that he’s basically too bright for his own good πŸ™‚ We weren’t too surprised, believe me that boy is Oxford University equivalent material, but we were sad to say goodbye. We’ll be doing some boarding for guide dogs throughout the summer, so hopefully it won’t be too long to wait for our next charge.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend, and that the sun shines on you wherever you are.


10 responses to “Warming up with Walkies

  1. I so enjoy these posts of yours. I love animals and I admire you for doing the work with them that you do. You’re absolutely right about them living in the moment. Such resilient spirits.

    Sorry you have to say by to Vinnie- he’s adorable- but he’ll do a bang up job! Have a blessed Easter and try to stay warm!

  2. I’m sad to hear Vinnie is no longer with you, but I’m glad he’s full charge ahead in the program. It’s an amazing thing you do, Tricia, taking these guys into your heart and home. I give you huge props for it. And how cool that you can walk the little local guys and see them moving on to good homes. You might just have to write a story from one of their perspectives one of these days. πŸ™‚
    And a happy, happy Easter weekend to you, too!

  3. This brought tears but good ones. You and AJ are amazing and that you enjoy it together what a way to be actively retired. Our weather is starting to turn and if we do like in the past the UK will be there before you know it.

    Thanks for a great post to start the day with. πŸ™‚

    • It certainly keeps us fit, Lavada. We’ve found that not having Vinnie to walk every day could soon result in thickened middles πŸ™‚ Don’t need that!

      Hope your weather has improved.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Another excellent post, Tricia. I am not a fan of dogs, but you always make them sound so inviting. I’m glad there are people like you and AJ who have such heart for them.

    So sorry about your weather…and the flooding. Where I am, there’s been precipitation 81 of the past 88 days, and 66 of those 81 days has been snowfall. I hope your area not only dries out, but warms up and begins to bring forth the beauty of spring. πŸ˜›

    Have a very blessed Easter!!

    • Wow, Valerie. All that snow and precipitation of 81 out of 88! You’ll be ready for some dry weather. I hope it comes your way very soon. Thanks for the lovely comments.

  5. Was a touching post, Tricia. I really admire what you and AJ are doing. Dogs could certainly teach us humans a thing or two about living in the moment and forgetting the past. Thanks for sharing and pleased to hear things are going well for Vinnie. Have a lovely Easter x

    • Thanks so much, Kit. Yes, dogs could teach us a great deal about forgetting the past and not worrying over the future, but just enjoying the day. I hope you’re having a lovely Easter weekend. See you soon.

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