IquanaI know these guys are popular as pets. For some people that is. I don’t know anyone that has them so my first encounter with one was recently in Cancun. They would come out on the walks and for me it was like seeing a snake. Something that makes the feet move while standing in place.

There were quite a few hanging out on the grounds of the resort we were in. When we got home I looked up some information on these critters and found out that Iguanas have excellent vision. They can see shapes, colors and movement from a long distance. Now that was something I think was better found out after I got safely home. Especially wearing flip flops. It makes my toes tingle just thinking about it.

We thought they were protected but I didn’t find anyplace that stated that they were. For me I’d rather not find them in my garden. Guess it’s one plus for living in a northern climate.


13 responses to “Iguanas

  1. Connie Fischer

    While these little guys are interesting to watch at a port in the Caribbean, they can be a menace. They have been brought into southwest Florida where I live and they tend to tear up the ground near docks and have been known to attack and kill people’s small pets.

    • I didn’t know that but I did know that a lot of problem plants have been brought into non-native area’s. I think our weather is too cold and wet for them and it’s no great loss.

  2. Wow. I’m reading Connie’s comment and realizing these guys are really a pain. I think you were smart to steer clear of them.

    • Yep wouldn’t want to pack them up in the suitcase. When we were in Playa Del Carmen there were street vendors trying to sell tiny monkeys. They were so cute but again not something I’d bring home.

  3. I held one or two when I was in Puerto Vallarta. It was cool but I wouldn’t want one. I DID give my hero in my 2012 NaNo novel one as a pet. LOL

  4. Eek. So glad we don’t have them running free here in the UK!

  5. Like Tricia, certainly pleased we don’t have them in the UK! Quite happy with lizards and geckos we get abroad on holiday but these critters are a lizard too far for me.

  6. Me too Kit. And would love to find the picture Jillian. You’re braver than I am.

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    I have no desire to see or touch an iguana, but I do know of people who have them as pets. Why, I have no idea!! 😛

    A blessed Easter to you all!!

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