Daily Archives: March 27, 2013


IquanaI know these guys are popular as pets. For some people that is. I don’t know anyone that has them so my first encounter with one was recently in Cancun. They would come out on the walks and for me it was like seeing a snake. Something that makes the feet move while standing in place.

There were quite a few hanging out on the grounds of the resort we were in. When we got home I looked up some information on these critters and found out that Iguanas have excellent vision. They can see shapes, colors and movement from a long distance. Now that was something I think was better found out after I got safely home. Especially wearing flip flops. It makes my toes tingle just thinking about it.

We thought they were protected but I didn’t find anyplace that stated that they were. For me I’d rather not find them in my garden. Guess it’s one plus for living in a northern climate.