It’s Spring–Really it is!!!

DSC_0617I know it’s spring because I heard it on the news today. You really can’t tell from looking outside and I also heard we may get some snow this week.

I can’t believe how fast this year is going, because I have two granddaughters graduating this year it is kind of scary. Good thing they are going to college close to home so I’ll be able to pop over and take them both to lunch once in a while. I can’t imagine them being far away to school, we would really miss them.

Missy is sitting here with me, trying to help with my blog. Actually she just wants a little more attention. We left very early this morning for a trip to Portland for a biopsy. Sounds like they got all the naughty little cells so we’ll just have to wait and see what the results are. Now I have this little, tiny sterling silver chip inside me—must make me worth more, right?

We had an amazing time at the State Basketball playoffs. All three granddaughters, two of my sons and two daughter-in-laws were there, plus my brother and sister-in-law came down for the tournament, and my oldest grandson came down for two days. It was really a family affair. The five senior girls who start on our team have been together since 3rd grade so we have gotten to know them so well. They will certainly be missed as they go off in different directions next year; the really cool thing is that they are all playing softball together. Two of them haven’t played since grade school and decided they just weren’t ready to be separated yet. It should be a really great season (hopefully we get some nice weather). The girls took third at the State Tournament and two of the girls were first team all tournament. Pretty exciting and a great way to end their high school careers. The picture above is our youngest son, the coach; my granddaughter, laying down; the assistant coach and the rest of the senior girls.

I am so ready for spring. If I don’t get the yard taken care of pretty soon I’ll have to put a hay mower on it. I love the daffodils and today in Portland I noticed all the pink trees were in bloom, my poor trees are still trembling from the cold!!!

We are off on a family camping trip soon, always a fun time and the good thing is, if it rains, we have lots and lots of games to play. My youngest grandson loves to cook so he’ll try some new recipes for us. There is also a Costco close and our youngest granddaughter loves our Costco camping shopping trip. Between the two of us we find lots of good things!! It will be so much fun and Daisy and Missy get to go with us. Missy has never been camping and she is such a little monster dog, so hopefully she’ll adjust quickly, Daisy loves to camp and is excited already as we get the 5th wheel ready.

Enjoy spring and Happy Easter to each of you.


7 responses to “It’s Spring–Really it is!!!

  1. Yes! Spring is officially here. I get mixed up always thinking its the 21st now if only the weather would be spring like. Rain yesterday and winds today making it cold. But the new garden, at least new to me is starting to bloom so thats a good sign and yes the grass is growing. There’s no lawn here except in the front and the assoc. takes care of that but the old house is an OH MY GOSH amount of lawns.

    A mega Congratulations on the home team, I love these blogs if there were an award for greatest grandparents you and Jim would be at the top.

    • Thank you Lavada you will not believe what we are doing today!!! Going to a softball game in Banks. Double header I can’t believe we are doing this!!!! I’ll let you know if I freeze to death. Love the mother dog story

      ~Nancy Sent from my iPhone

  2. Congrats to the team AND to you. It sounds like you got good news in Portland. The wind is blowing a bit of a storm through as I write this.We got pounded with rain last night, but the sun’s been out for about an hour now. I don’t think it will last. 🙂
    And you are VERY brave, going Spring camping. Of course, since we tent camp, waiting until high summer is a must for me. lol

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Congratulations on the blessing of good medical news, Nancy. I rejoice with you in that!! I hope the camping trip is excellent, and applaud you and your husband for being so family-friendly and keeping yours so tightly knitted together while a majority of the world seems intent upon destroying “family” tradition. 😛 And isn’t it lovely that the rebirth of nature comes at Easter?

  4. Yes, spring is officially here. You wouldn’t know it here in the UK either, as it’s still cold, rainy and at the weekend we woke to snow. I hope it’s fine for your camping trip, sounds like such a lot of fun. Hopefully Missy will follow Daisy’s lead and enjoy the experience 🙂

  5. Spring is cool here too. Was in the 30s last night even.

    Hope the biopsy comes out ok. AND You’re super valuable even w/o the chip!

  6. Spring? Think it’s on hold here. Bloomin’ cold. Let us hope we have a summer to make up for it, seeing as we didn’t get one last year. Hope the camping trip goes well and that Missy enjoys. Fingers crossed biopsy result is good. Sounds positive all round. 🙂

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