Moon Over Homewood

I’m in Birmingham, Alabama for a deposition today on a big case. I attended law school in this city back in the 1980s and so am very familiar with it. I lived here for three years in an area called Homewood. I lived in some post WWII townhouses that sat at the bottom of Red Mountain. On the top of Red Mountain is a statue that’s the largest cast iron one in the USA. It’s a massive thing that was built in 1903 for the 1904 World’s Fair by Guiseppe Moretti, it was to be used to show off the industrial nature of the city of Birmingham. The city was long a center of iron and steel working and the statue is a tribute to that.

The statue is of Vulcan, the Roman God of fire and the forge. The statue was placed on the mountain in 1936. Where I lived in law school was right near him. The funny thing about him is that his bottom is naked. I could see his derriere from my back yard. We always told people to come find us behind the Vulcan’s behind. Yes, we were easily amused.

They have an elevator where you can go up and get a nice view of the city and there’s also a visitor’s center. There are also some television towers up there keeping him company since it’s the highest place in the city. If you’re ever in the city, go by and check it out, it’s a nice little outing.

There’s also a little song about “Moon over Homewood” since the Vulcan seems to be mooning the area with his cast iron cheeks up there on the mountain. Sadly, I couldn’t find the words for you. 250px-Vulcan_statue_Birmingham_AL_2008_snow_retouched


16 responses to “Moon Over Homewood

  1. Well, that is interesting; according to Mr. Spock,”Vulcan has no moon”. Now we know where a Vulcan moon is!

  2. Being a HUGE fan of Mr. Spock, I’m with Tonette. lol. Moon over Homewood, though, I love. Hope the depo goes well.

  3. Think it’s authentic and that’s the way they dressed or didn’t dress? Hope you have some time after the disposition to enjoy at least an old eating spot you favored back when.

  4. Meeting behind the Vulcan’s behind. Love it, Jillian 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a neat piece of nostalgia for you to see the “moon” again, Jillian! Good luck with the case, and I hope you find yourself with some free time on your hands while you are there. 😛

  6. Great post. Bet all the kids giggle at it. 🙂
    “Moon over Homewood, it’s so unrefined,
    We have to get mooned with Vulcan’s behind
    Moon over Homewood, we don’t think it’s fair
    That we have to look at his big derriere!”

  7. The people of Homewood they look and they blush
    When they look to the mountain and see that big tush
    They think it unfair and somewhat inferior
    When they have to look at that great big posterior.

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