Bring on the Sunshine…I hope.

Well, winter is winding down, right? At least, I hope it is. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve been blessed with a pretty mild winter. (And I say that tongue in cheek as I’m one who prefers a little snow each winter). I hope you have had a tolerable winter, also.

Now that Spring is around the corner, my husband is starting on garden projects. This year, we’re (oooh, I think I just used the royal “WE” there) starting some seeds in our newly enclosed greenhouse.  This structure has been there the entire time we’ve lived here, but we never took the time to enclose it.  greenhouse1

So now, what used to be a playhouse for our grandchildren is now called “the blue house”. greenhouse2And hopefully, it will give hubby a running start at the produce production. Not that he needs it. I don’t think he remembers there’s only two of us living here when he plants those seeds.

Dude, our 17 pound cat, is already showing signs that he’s coming out of hibernation. He’s not hesitating so much when you open the door to let him out. Cold weather will turn him around in a heartbeat. I think he spends half the winter curled up close to the wood stove. He’s now going outside for more than a quick potty trip. And, at 17 pounds, we’ve been able to talk him into walks around the property. Yes, that’s right. We have to take our cat for a walk. It’s the only way he’ll exercise. He’s such a lazy guy, but too loveable to berate. lol.


Happy almost Spring, everyone!

13 responses to “Bring on the Sunshine…I hope.

  1. I love the look of your blue house (greenhouse). And I am with you, so ready for spring.

  2. OH Laurie you need to get your 17 pound cat with my 17 pound “little dog”. Love the greenhouse. We actually gave ours to one of our sons last year hoping that he will start some seeds for us. Nothing lazy about this Knox household!!! Enjoy spring!!

    • I’d love a playdate, except Dude tends to not be happy when dogs of any size enter our yard. We had a stray dachsund we cornered in our yard the other day. Poor dog was almost blind and scared to death and Dude wouldn’t stop hissing at him. Thankfully, we got the two separated and found Buddy’s owner by canvassing the neighborhood. Still, I think that means no cat and dog games at our house. lol
      Smart woman, giving the greenhouse to one of the kids. I’m going to have to suggest that to Mark. lol

  3. Oh, the blue house looks very inviting, Laurie 🙂 and Dude seems to be one chilled boy. Love that you have to take him for walks. Here in the UK we’ve had a chilly few months with snow and freezing temps even now. So yes, absolutely ready for spring.

  4. Certainly love the look of the blue greenhouse. Think I want one of those now. Methinks Dude might take a fancy to it too before long. We’re all waiting for spring to properly begin here. We’re fed up with cold and snow.

  5. Loving the blue house!! AND Dude is adorable. So cute. I love that he thought the potting soil was for him, I mean, why should that surprise us? We’re merely on the planet to see to their needs, right?

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Nice greenhouse. I have often wondered if I “need” one, too. I’ve kicked it around a little since Steve built the barn. Hope yours does well and that your hubby enjoys having it. We’ve had a very strong winter here, which was needed badly. The farmers needed a good freeze to shrink the insect population. We have had snow 3 of the last 4 mornings, and last week we had several inches that stuck around a few days. Expecting a healthy snowfall for Easter, too. I love winter, so I do not mind the snow. However, that said, I love spring, too, and am ready to welcome it when it arrives. As for Dude, he’s a HUGE cat! Our Princess was 8 pounds at her heaviest and her vet made us put her on a diet to lose…drum roll…one pound!! 😛 Dude is also very handsome and he looks so cuddly and soft! Glad you have him, and that he allows you to live with him!! 😛

    • We’ve had some freezes here, and about a week that didn’t hardly get above freezing. But no snow. (I envy you, but don’t tell anyone I said that.) lol
      We were told Dude should weigh around 12 pounds. Not going to happen. We have cut back on his food to almost what they said he should be eating, and have him on a diet food, but the darn cat starts meowing about an hour before meals. And that 6AM wake-up for a 7AM breakfast has almost gotten him tossed outside a couple times. 🙂

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