Moving from Rue’s view

P1030037Moving, cats don’t do moving. At least they don’t if they aren’t forced to. My humans were sneaky. First they moved what they call the spare room and I called ‘my room’.

Now mind you I’d just customized the new box springs they bought. I had a big hole, well maybe like a quarter of the underside open on the old one. On this new one I just put in a hole big enough for me to get in. Anyway, one day they came in and whoosh it was gone. All the other furniture in my room was too though I didn’t really care about it.

Then a few weeks later came the morning of the BIG move. My humans marched into the master, they call it master but …. Anyway the first thing they take out is, you guessed it, the bed. Now where is this cat supposed to hide? I crunched down behind the toilet hoping they wouldn’t snatch it out. Then Katie, I like her, came in and made me a hiding place in the closet. Through the day I could hear things moving but I didn’t come out of my snug hidie hole to look. Oh woe is me, my whole world was being whisked away. Then Kristie, I thought she was my friend, took me out of the closet and shoved me into a carrier. On the way I could see what was left of home. No couch, no chairs, no table and horror’s no bed.

I hate that carrier, usually when they put me in it I end up on a metal table but this time they put me in a little room with whew, my potty. They didn’t make me get out they just opened the door. Well that wasn’t too bad.

Fast forward — my human opened the door and I snuck out and hey I liked what I saw. The master bed, my bed, my cat tree, my couch and chair.

Humans note:
Rue took to the new house like she’d personally selected it. I am so glad she’s with me or as she would say, I’m with her. The picture is a recent one, taken in front of the fireplace where she particularly likes.

13 responses to “Moving from Rue’s view

  1. I love my kitty and want her to be at home so I try not to disturb HER surroundings if I can. They do get upset that that.

    • Yes, but sometimes moving is inevitable. In this case it worked out okay, better in the new house than in the old one which surprised me. She is such a creature of habit, with her I don’t need an alarm. Same time every morning.

  2. Ahhh, so THAT’s what the elusive Rue looks like. I’m so glad she tolerated the move as well as she did. And I LOVE this blog from her pov. Sounds very much like a cat. lol.

  3. That is so cute I can just see her hiding behind the toilet!!! The cat you never see!!!!!

  4. Definitely, cats have us! I am glad that the move went smoothly for her.Some just don’t take to new places well. She looks like she owns the place…which, I guess, isn’t too far off, huh?

  5. What a beautiful baby you have. Sweet, sweet face!!! I’m glad life is settling down and the bed got back in kitty’s domain (even if it’s a new domain)

    • Rue does have distinct markings. A mustache and then dark under her chin makes it look like she has a beard. When we got her we thought she was a boy. WRONG!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    She looks so very content in this picture, Lavada. I’m glad you and Rue have moved into Rue’s new digs. Hope she decides to let you stay with her for many, many more years! 😛

  7. Fabulous!Seems like Rue’s made herself well and truly at home already and that you’ll both be very happy and comfortable in your new surroundings. 🙂

  8. Rue is very much a lady who knows her own mind then, Lavada. And it sounds like as long as she has her creature comforts, she’s a happy girl 🙂 Wishing you both loads of happiness in your new home.

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