Book Review – Careful What You Kiss For by Jane Lynne Daniels

CarefulWhatYouI just finished this story and I see good things in this author’s future. I know I’ll be waiting for the next book to come out, maybe in the same vein as this one? Ms. Daniel’s does feisty heroines really well. I loved Tensley’s “don’t mess with me” attitude. Of course, that’s exactly what gets her into a bit of trouble and I had a good time watching her get out of those predicaments.

Both Tensley and Max have lessons to learn and the author meshes their conflict well with a story line that will have you laughing your way through it as you try to figure out what, exactly, is going on. I especially loved the slippery soap. 🙂

There’s balance to the story, though, due to a whole lot of serious in the attraction between Tensley and Max. Whew! Do these two have it bad!

I found myself checking the page count with each turn toward the end. I found the resolution perfectly tied to the character’s personalities, but wasn’t ready to leave Ten and Max behind. I got pretty attached to them, so I hope I’ll “see” them again.

Here’s the blurb from the author’s website:

What if you could go back and fix a mistake you made when you were young?

With the help of one well-intentioned best friend and one bumbling psychic, Tensley does exactly that. But things don’t turn out as she expected. One simple change and she finds herself falling all over again for the man who broke her heart years ago.

Now she wants a do-over of her do-over.

But love has a way of taking its own surprising turns. And sometimes what you think is your worst mistake…turns out not to have been a mistake at all.


11 responses to “Book Review – Careful What You Kiss For by Jane Lynne Daniels

  1. This is a new author for me. And, I love finding them so will have to check this one out. I liked that you included the blurb.

  2. “Bumbling psychic”; my curiosity is way up!

  3. I love books where you find yourself checking the page count until the end (in a good way). This is a new author to me, too, and I love the premise. Definitely one to check out. Thanks for posting, Laurie.

  4. Sounds cute and the cover is adorable. I’ll have to check this one out

  5. Sounds an interesting read. If only we could go back to the past and fix our mistakes. But then again, if we could, life now would be different and for me, I wouldn’t want to change things else I’d never met my Dave. You’ve certainly got me intrigued now with the scene about the soap. Shall have to read book now to find out what’s going on. Cheers, Laurie, for bringing this new author to our attention.

    • I wouldn’t mind having a chance to change a couple things, but you’re right, Kit. It would affect our futures and overall, I’m pretty happy with my life.

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