The magic of a movie

We heard this week that Vinnie, our current guide dog puppy, has to leave us for four weeks because of ongoing behavioural problems. You can imagine how disappointed we are, but we really want to give him the best chance of fulfilling his future as an assistance dog, so we know it’s for the best. It doesn’t stop me from feeling a bit down in the dumps though, and while we’ll enjoy the break (he’s not been the easiest pup in the world) we’ll really miss the little chap.


Today we’ll drive him over to his temporary home for the next month. On the way back, we’re planning to stop off for lunch and hit the shops for a little retail therapy. I think my hubby wants to keep me occupied as I get really attached to these pups and find it hard to let them go, even if only temporarily. But while lunch and some shopping is lovely, when I’m feeling a bit low the best remedy is losing myself in some feel-good movies. The movies of choice at these times are the ones where it’s possible to put reality aside for a couple of hours and enter into a world of movie magic.

Have you seen the movie, Love Actually? If so, you’ll recall the scene between Liam Neeson and the young actor who plays his stepson. The boy is feeling miserable and Liam suggests that they need Kate and they need Leo, meaning that scene in Titanic where the characters are on the bow of the ship and enjoying the freedom of the elements. Well tonight I’ll need Howard and I’ll need Jane and the fabulous movie that is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I think I was about eleven when I first saw it and fell desperately in love with the colour, the dancing, the singing, the costumes and … the brother in the red shirt  It has never once failed to lift my heart. Having fallen in love with films from an early age, I always wanted to be a movie director. My cousins still talk about the time I made them recreate scenes from Seven Brides in my parents’ living room, and insisted they use the correct dialogue and actions. I don’t think they’ve ever forgiven me.

Aside from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, other go-to feel good films are Field of Dreams, The Phantom of the Opera, Out of Africa, You’ve Got Mail, Dead Poets’ Society and all the Indiana Jones series. Of course, there are other movies in my favourites list, such as The Last Samurai, Shawshank Redemption and Saving Private Ryan but these are grittier, hard-hitting films that, while amazing, don’t qualify for my escapist requirements in times of need.

How about you? What are your favourite escapist movies?


12 responses to “The magic of a movie

  1. Oh my gosh, as I type this the weather is putting on quite a show. Rain and wind that is some of the worst I’ve seen. Perfect for settling in for a good movie. I love Pretty Woman, and the old Catherine Cookson movies. There’s a bunch on Netflix.

    I’m so sorry to hear Vinnie is being a bit of a challenge. He looks so angelic in his picture. I was just talking to Rick and asked about Hoss as I haven’t seen him for awhile. He said he was sitting there staring like ‘what are going to do next?” I asked if he was settling down and Rick sort of chuckled and said No.

    Enjoy shopping and lunch.

    • Oh yes, the old CC movies, Lavada. I haven’t seen one for ages. Must remedy that asap.
      I can feel for Rick – these pups never seem to wear themselves out 🙂 The manager who came to assess Vinnie said he’s the most ‘active’ pup she’s ever seen. He just never stops moving. Duh, like we didn’t know that 🙂

  2. I’m a HUGE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fan. Want another great escapist movie? it’s one with Keanu Reeves called A Walk In The Clouds. The scene in the vineyards where they try to dispel the frost is amazing. It’s a wonderful love story.
    I hope Vinnie comes around. I know you’ll miss him.

    • I haven’t seen the Keanu Reeves movie, Laurie, so I’ll check that out. What’s interesting with Seven Brides, is that I always spot something I hadn’t noticed before. Next time you watch, check the scene when the brothers are pacing awaiting the birth of Millie’s baby. I’m certain the brother in the green shirt is a stand-in. We must have played it back half a dozen times last night before hubby finally agreed with me 🙂

  3. Absolutely love the movie ‘Love Actually’! Such a compassionate feel to the story. I’ll have to look for Seven Brides. Thanks for recommending good movies!

    I would recommend The Lincoln Lawyer. Darker than a comedy, obviously, since its about law and justice themes, but I liked the story a lot. Matthew McConaughey is excellent in it.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I hope Vinnie comes back settled and ready to continue in the program. Hope you had a good day eating and shopping. I especially hope the next 4 weeks pass quickly for you and Vinnie both.

    When I need to escape from whatever is bothering me, I actually like a movie with a bit of substance. I have seen Meet Joe Black too many times to count. There’s something about this movie. I know it’s a remake of Death Takes a Holiday, but I get drawn into it moments after it starts and it holds me captive. It makes me wonder how many people would make a deal with death for a few more weeks with their loved ones.

    Another favorite of mine is Michael…with John Travolta. I can’t explain it. I simply enjoy this movie and will stop channel surfing anytime I come across it regardless of whether or not it’s at the beginning or near the end. I can’t pass it up.

    Lastly, I highly recommend UP. It’s perhaps the absolute best animated flick I have ever in my life seen. 😛 😛

    • Oh UP, I forgot about that one. Fabulous movie. And I’ll need to dig out Meet Joe Black because I remember really enjoying it, as I did Michael. Thanks for the reminder, Valerie! And thanks so much for your good wishes for Vinnie 🙂

  5. What lovely and important work you do with the pups! God bless you.I can’t imagine NOT getting attached to them.
    Feel-good movies? Some are,(by genre).Musical:Gigi . ChickFlick: While You Were Sleeping or Return To Me. Comedy:Les Visiteurs or Bedazzled. Drama: All About Eve or …oh , I have a bunch in every catagory, who am I kidding; I am a movie-nut!
    Funny you should mention 7B47B; my husband,(also a movie nut) brought home a copy the other day.I guess that will be playing here n the next week or so!
    (BTW, I had a friend who had to give up a foster child.They took their two birth-children to the movies to cheer themselves up.They wrongly chose “Free Willy”.)

    • Thanks so much, Tonette. I’m not sure I could sit through Free Willy at the moment, and can only imagine how bereft your friends must have felt.

      I hope you enjoy Seven Brides. Gigi is my husband’s favourite musical, can’t tell you how many times it’s played in our house.

  6. I love movies, too. Seven Brides is a great choice for feel good. I hope the leaving of the pup wasn’t as traumatic as I can imagine it gets. Hope also you had a wonderful film fest.

  7. Love Actually is one of my favourite feel good films too, as is Field of Dreams and Mama Mia. Always cheer me up and there is nothing like curling up with a good old movie on a miserable day. Seven Brides another classic, love it. In fact I love most musicals. Laurie mentioned Walk in the Clouds – Tricia you simply have catch this film, it’s beautiful, stunning scenery, the singing leaves a lot to be desired but then, hey, Keanu and Anthony Quinn were drunk in the scene but the whole thing is pure romance. It deserves to be up there with the best of them.
    Sorry to hear about Vinnie going, but you tried your hardest with him, I know. An extra big hug from me X 🙂

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