Sprilng Is Coming

GetAttachmentWow, where has this month gone! I am all warm and cuddly with Missy, watching NCIS and I get a blurb on my telephone reminding me that my blog is due tomorrow. Thank you Lavada. Whoops!! It’s not that I didn’t think about it this week but the weather was so nice today that I just HAD to get outside. I actually enjoyed digging around in the dirt for a while today. The one thing that didn’t stop growing this winter was the weeds!

My other hobby—going to ball games. Our girls have had a remarkable year. After starting a little slow they have now won twelve straight basketball games including the District Championship. Now we play the first round of State playoffs this Saturday and IF we win it’s off to Coos Bay for the rest of the State Playoffs. Fortunately we have a home game for the first round so we don’t have to travel. Our basketball playing granddaughter graduates this year so I have thought a lot about the last nine years that she has played and all the really nice people we have met. There was a young lady who played for another team that we enjoyed watching for four years. Last year was her last year so I decided to bake cookies for her at the last game she played at our school. That started a really neat friendship with not only her but her family. They have come to some of our games this year and each time they have brought me gifts. Coffee cups from the University she is attending and roses, then last Saturday night they showed up with a spring bouquet for me, it almost made me cry. We had the best visit and we have gotten to know her brother and sister who now call us Grandma and Grandpa. So special, now my bet is we will be watching them play ball in the next few years even if we have to travel to do so.

What a wet winter we have had. The cows are up to their bellies in mud when they come to the barn but they almost refuse to eat out of the feeder out in the rain. Of course the mud makes it really hard to keep the barns clean. I finally got them caught up after Christmas and seem to be keeping up with them. Someday I am putting gates on the feeders and making them stay outside to eat!!!

Missy is adjusting well to life in the country but I still don’t quite trust her around the cows. They could really hurt her so I keep her on a leash when we are out there. She so wants to just run around at the barn. Maybe by spring!! She is such a cuddly dog. All I have to do is sit down for a second and she is right beside me. Every night she watches television with me and if I decide to do something else she paces. I try to get her to sit by Jim but that doesn’t work at all. Meanwhile her favorite program is CBS This Moring and she actually sits up in the chair and watches it (very intelligent dog)!!

Well I am off to bed, up early to make cookies for the assistant coach at our local junior college. He used to be assistant coach at our school and thinks he is being really slighted because he doesn’t get cookies. So we’ll go the game tomorrow night and take him cookies. Jim is a Booster at the local college so he goes to a lot of their games. Sometimes I just like to stay home but not tomorrow night. Gotta deliver those cookies.

Looking forward to SPRING and SOFTBALL season!!!


10 responses to “Sprilng Is Coming

  1. Sorrly about the typo and lack of commas, no more late night, last minute blogs!!!

  2. Another fun blog, Nancy. You had me hooked at NCIS, by the way. it’s funny. A few blogs ago you were talking about your granddaughter graduating and i thought then that would not stop you from attending games. And it seems you’ve found new careers to follow next year…and the year after that. High school sports is definitely in your blood.

  3. Yep I was watching NCIS too. You’re right about February, it’s a short month but seems even shorter this year. I’m so ready for spring. The backyard of this new house has a lot of flowers and shrubs. From what I’ve heard the woman who lived here loved gardening. It will be fun to see it come alive this year. Sort of like unwrapping gifts.

  4. Lovely post, Nancy. Wish I loved nearer to share coffee and cookies with you and Lavada 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I saw NCIS and had to read. Glad so many of us are fans! 😛

    Hope you find a way to make the cows eat outside the barns, Nancy, and I’m certain the asst coach enjoyed the homebaked cookies. 😛

  6. So glad you’re having a great time. The ball games sound awesome. I’m also an NCIS fan. My kids don’t like it and leave the room but that’s ok with me. LOL!

  7. Always enjoy your blogs Nancy. Sounds like life’s a ball for you and yours. Coffee and cookies are always better when shared and more so when homemade. Would be lovely if one day we could all get together and share. For now, will suffice and and go share with Tricia today. Have fun!

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