President’s Day

In the USA, today is President’s Day. Back when I was a kid, the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were each separate holidays. When Martin Luther King, Jr. day was declared a holiday, the powers that be combined the two presidents birthdays into one holiday called President’s Day. Sadly, our county government doesn’t celebrate this holiday. The Federal system does but not the local government. I’m curious as to whether other local governments close for this day. It chaps my hide that ours does not. I’m not trying to be controversial and I appreciate all that MLK, Jr. did but why is his holiday celebrated and the birthdays of two of our most important presidents aren’t? I mean, really, George helped found this country and Abe saved this country. What’s wrong with this picture?

Anyway, I close my office for this holiday and I give all three men the respect they are due. I will go back to work tomorrow to a lot of phone calls from people who will want to know where we were and I will proudly tell them. I plan to lift a glass of something in a toast to these two presidents.

Happy President’s day! Enjoy! 3895732-big-birthday-cake


11 responses to “President’s Day

  1. Valerie J. Patterson

    Our county government follows the rule of thumb “If the Federal Reserve is closed, so are we”. Thus, I have the day off today. Our schools are closed as well. Most schools close only for MLK day these days, which is a shame, too. I think this day should be a holiday that is observed and not just by listing it on the calendar!!

  2. Checking in here. Yep. President’s Day is a holiday in my county. And there weren’t any school buses out while I was walking this morning, so I’m guessing it’s a school holiday, too. I, however, don’t seem to get too many days off, so I’ll be writing today. I do send out a little am thank you, tipping my hat to our forefathers for what we have because of them.
    Enjoy the day, Jillian!

  3. Being retired I don’t always keep up with what holidays and which things are closed. My first clue is usually the mail delivery. My birthday is Columbus day and for years it was an observed day off. The kids always grumbled that I got my birthday off and they didn’t get theirs.

    One thing I do know is there are always President Day sales out there. 🙂

    • Ahhh. Nice that you had Columbus Day off when you worked. That’s another one that isn’t taken by my county. And yeah, my inbox has been flooded with sales as well as tv commercials all over the tv.

  4. Good for you, Jillian. I really hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. I agree,With all due respect to Dr. King…really? And the powers-that-be here have used “President’s Day” as a make-up snow day for the last couple of years; they don’t touch MLK Day.
    I heard that they were thinking of giving George and Abe their days back; I hope so. MY parents were married on George Washington’s birthday,(Feb 22nd); it made it easy to remember.

  6. Have never heard of President’s Day before. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t suppose there’s any of that lovely looking cake left?

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