Is It Just Me… by Valerie J. Patterson

…Or has Hollywood scraped the very bottom of the barrel for what passes as television entertainment these days?

I am not a fan of reality TV.  In fact, other than Duck Dynasty, I do not watch reality TV.  But I have two friends who can’t get enough of it.  They often share their new finds with me.  Most of the time, my jaw drops open and I am either grossed out or completely astonished that these shows are not only on TV, but that people watch them.  Allow me to share:

Extreme Cheapskates–Now here’s a show that left me feeling ill.  As I understand it, this show was about a woman who was so utterly cheap that she went dumpster diving for food that she actually served guests at a dinner party she was hosting!!  Several of her guests ended up in the emergency room afterward.

Amish Mafia–The title by itself caused me to scratch my head.  The Amish have a mafia?  Really?  Apparently.  In one episode, a man went to the don and complained that a non-Amish man was pretending to be Amish and was selling pies alongside the road.  Two henchmen were dispensed to the site where the camera was actually turned off and a black screen came up with a message reading something akin to: What happened next was not suitable for viewing audiences.  This man will not be selling pies ever again.

Tattoo Nightmares–This is a show in which people who have hideous tattoos go to the very best tattoo artists in hopes they can turn their hideous ink into a work of art.

My Strange Addiction–a show about people who have really, really, really weird addictions.  In one episode there was a woman who owned several cats and she literally cleaned each one of them with her own tongue.

I just scratch my head and wonder why these people would want a camera to follow them around.  Honestly, if you licked cats or served your friends dumpster food, would you want the world to know??

What about you?  Are you a reality TV junky?  Tell me what you watch.

Until next time, be well and happy!  😛  😛

18 responses to “Is It Just Me… by Valerie J. Patterson

  1. Reality TV just makes me roll my eyes in disgust. The only reason I can imagine why anyone would want to watch that kind of garbage is because their own life is so dull. Get a book and read. You might learn something REAL!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      I agree Connie, people should read a great deal more. Expand the horizons and take a trip without ever leaving your home. Thank you for reading! 😛

  2. I watch NO reality TV. It’s anything but reality. It’s all fake. I’ve never figured out why people are so addicted to it….even Duck Dynasty!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      MS, I remember the big stink in the news recently about the storage locker auctions being faked and that the items inside were placed in there by the show itself. Why bother? Thanks for stopping by and reading! 😛

  3. Okay, chiming in with a little different slant. First I have never watched any of the shows you listed. I have seen a couple of episodes of Hoarding but don’t follow it. I do watch Amazing Race, Survivor and Biggest Loser.

    I agree there isn’t all that much on TV. And, I thought it was just me as I love to read and usually prefer a good book. This will be a fun blog to follow to get other opinions.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      The main reason, Lavada, that I do not watch reality TV is because there is usually constant turmoil on a majority those shows. Backstabbing. Arguing. Lying. Cheating, etc. I can’t stand that. Too much yelling and despicable behavior. And the other offerings on TV are few. This past Christmas season, the majority of my TV viewing was limited to the Hallmark channel and their new Christmas movies. Thanks for reading! 😛

  4. I’m loving this blog. It’s something we all have opinions on. I do watch some reality tv (Survivor and Amazing Race mostly). I don’t like any of the ones you mentioned. And I don’t think I ever WANT to watch them. Yuch!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      I’m with you, Laurie, those shows I mentioned are not my cup of tea at all. How do you look your guests in the eye as you serve them food you fished out of a dumpster? I am amazed at the number of reality TV shows there are because nearly every channel–both network and cable–has them these days. Thank you for reading! 😛

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    So Laurie and Lavada:

    What attracts you to Survivor and the Amazing Race? What pulls you in each week? 😛

  6. I can’t stand any reality TV apart from one or two of the cookery ones we have here. And some of the inane ones they show, especially on a Saturday, have me reaching for the turn off switch quicker than greased lightening. In fact I watch very little TV, and no, it isn’t just you, Valerie. Give me a book any day. 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thanks for reading and weighing in, Kit!! I too reach for the remote to turn these shows off. What a waste of programming dollars! 😛

  7. YUCK! I can’t believe any of those shows. Ugh on the dinner from a dumpster one, too. Nope. I do not watch ANY reality shows. None.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Oh, there are far worse out there than those I mentioned. It’s a sad state when this is more than 50% of what’s offered as entertainment. Thank you for stopping by! 😛

  8. I guess truth IS stranger than fiction, but you know that some people go totally outrageous because they know that the cameras are on them.But WHY they would want to be known as having these problems is even more of a mystery to me than why someone would watch it all.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Oh yes, truth is far stranger than fiction!! As for the “why do they do it” part…I’m guessing money speaks volumes to these people, and far louder than self-pride. Thank you for reading, Tonette! 😛

  9. The shows you mention sound pretty appalling, Valerie. Here in the UK we have our share of gross. A few years back when Big Brother started, I admit to tuning in to see what all the fuss was about. I wasted about five minutes of my life watching someone I didn’t know from Adam fast asleep in bed. Nothing happened. Nothing. It’s also quite disturbing that once appearing on these reality shows, the people become instant celebrities and young ones are aspiring to be like them. Now that’s scary.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Absolutely, Tricia, “celebrity” has taken on a whole new meaning. What I find appalling are those shows wherein a man or a woman (usually very wealthy) selects a spouse from a small sea of gold diggers and then don’t understand when it doesn’t work out!! Thank you for reading!! 😛

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