Valentines Day

ValentineTomorrow is Valentine’s Day and with it one of my favorite memories.

When the kids were little I’d get a sack or box of Valentine cards and they would sit with a list of their classmates and carefully pick the right card for each one. I can still see them sitting at the kitchen table.

Then the day would come and they’d bring back the ones they’d received. It was always a big thing for them to come home from school and share them one by one.

The year Rick, our youngest was in the first grade Valentines Day was an unseasonably warm afternoon. I came home to find him sitting on the neighbor’s front steps. Caroline was close to eighty, a tiny little lady that almost always wore a dress. Their heads were close together and you could see Ricky telling Caroline about each card as he handed them to her. So much patience and love was in that picture. It will forever live in my heart and mind.

We all have memories we cherish, that leave indelible images in our minds. What about you, I’ll bet there are millions of Valentine memories out there. Some romantic, some nostalgic, some just special.


10 responses to “Valentines Day

  1. I can remember decorating a shor box with red paper & white paper doilles before Valentine’s Day. We’d take the lid off when the time came for the Valentine’s to be passed around. The packets of cards always had one special one for the teacher. I wonder if the grade school kids still do that?

  2. There are a lot of sweet memories in those little cards. I remember the kids agonizing over who to give which one, too, which made my try very hard to get cards very much the same. lol Off the top of my head, I can’t come up with a truly special Valentine’s Day, but…my car was FILTHY last week and I drove to the writer’s retreat. As you know, I came home the night before leaving to find my husband had washed the car and it was all ready for this “girl’s weekend”. Now THAT was an EXCELLENT V-day gift, in my opinion. He’s such a sweetie!

  3. That’s a really lovely memory, Lavada. I hope actual Valentine’s cards continue to be exchanged and they’re not replaced by texting or IMing 🙂

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a lovely memory. Thank you for sharing. Kids do still decorate boxes for Valentine’s day. However, it’s on a much grander scale these days, and it’s my understanding that moms do all the decorating while kids sit by and watch because it’s now a competition to see who has the most fantastic box. Pity. I had such great fun creating and decorating my Valentine’s box.

  5. I agree Valerie, why does everything have to break down to competition? I think about the life lessons learned in simple giving of cards.

  6. What a beautiful memory. Sadly I have none to share. I’ve never received or sent a Valentine card and certainly not something my other half does – he’s not the romantic sort. But as Tricia said, I do hope they don’t go the way of texting and email – definitely not the same. x

  7. what a sweet memory. Love it. I miss those days of filling out those little cards and making sure the most special friends got the best cards.

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