A Non-recipe Recipe

Yesterday, the representative for my software I use for some of my legal work was in town and she took us to lunch at the Rodizio Grill. This is a Brazilian place here in Pensacola. They have the coolest concept. They have a bar of foods that you pick from for side dishes and it’s all you can eat. They have choices like marinated mozzarella, fruit, chicken salad, mashed potatoes, stroganoff, quail eggs, nuts, salad, rice, and on and on. It’s a three sided bar with so much goodness I can’t remember all that was on there.

So, after you grab the sides, you head back to your table and this guy comes by with different meats and serves it to you. Man, oh, man, there are some yummy choices. I passed on the marinated chicken hearts but loved, loved, the pot roast and the chicken marinated in beer. There was also sirloin steak, some prime rib, and sausage. I can’t recall the Brazilian names but they were interesting. My paralegal is a carnivore for sure and even when the rest of us ordered dessert, she kept asking for meat.

We teased her about the “meat man” and she said she’d date him if he’d bring home meat. We giggled as the conversation deteriorated from there. Lol. We named him Mike “the meat” Spinoza, the mafia man. Yes. All that food went to our heads

So, I promised you a non recipe and here it is. Take a rack of baby back ribs or regular ribs and pour a can of beer over it and bake in a medium temperature oven for 1.5-2 hours. The meat will fall off the bone and be super tender. This recipe is courtesy of my legal assistant.

I had Brazilian cream for dessert which is a smooth ice cream infused with flavor. I picked raspberry and it was divine.



14 responses to “A Non-recipe Recipe

  1. That is so my favorite new local restaurant. I liked the Meat Man.

  2. I wanna go there!!!!!! That sounds like a very cool place. I’m already thinking about who’s ear I can place a bug to get something like that up here. It probably wouldn’t be the same though, without Mike “the meat” Spinoza. šŸ™‚ That dessert looks wonderful.

    • LOL! Mike had on a cute outfit, too. Wish we’d gotten a shot of it. My son had been to a place like it in south Fla so I’m sure there are some restaurants of that style out your way- MAYBE! LOL! It is a wonderful little place to go for a leisurely lunch. AND the dessert was awesome. I may go back just for that.

  3. Laurie if you find a restaurant like this up our way let me know. The side dishes sound so yummy and that dessert! Right now I’m glad I just had a bowl of oatmeal and feel full. If not for that I’d be rummaging around in the kitchen for something to eat.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    That dessert looked fabulous. I’m not big on sweets–I eat ice cream perhaps 4 times a year–but I think I would enjoy that raspberry very much. Sounds like a very interesting restaurant. Plus, you put a table of girls anywhere near a waiter and anything can spark a round of laughter and naughty chitchat! Glad you ladies let your hair down for lunch!! šŸ˜›

  5. Holy Cow,(and pig and quail and….)! Can I go to lunch with you sometime?

  6. Sounds my sort of restaurant. Book me a table!

  7. I’d enjoy the Brazilian cream dessert, Jillian, but being a veggie, would pass on the meat. Although the variety of those side dishes would ensure I wouldn’t go hungry šŸ™‚

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