In Dreams

Dreams. Aren’t they weird, and aren’t they wonderful? And I’ve certainly had my share of both. Have you noticed how the weird ones normally happen in that strange, half asleep, time, particularly when you have woken from a deep sleep and then fall back asleep again, or in that time when you are drifting off and haven’t yet reached the real depth of slumber? That’s certainly the case for me.

The good thing is with most dreams is that you never remember them, at least not for long, and at least not with any real sense of clarity, usually forgetting them the moment you wake up.

Then there are the dreams that whilst you are dreaming, you know you are dreaming yet the dream seems so real it feels like real life, as though it is actually happening. The times I’ve woken up and felt an utter sense of relief that I’m awake and it was only a dream after all. Have you had ones like that? And then there are the dreams that make you wake up, the ones where your leg twitches, and jolts you awake. Or, as I do, I kick out, thinking I’m tripping off a kerb and falling over something. Some people have dreams that give the sensation they are falling, down and down in an uncontrolled spiral – I’ve never had one of those. And if ever I am dreaming and in it I must go to the bathroom, that’s a sure-fire signal for me to wake up and go to the bathroom; nature telling me I need to wake up and spend a penny. Ignore that dream at my peril!

Sleeping woman uid 1281528And what about the recurring dream? I used to have two of those. One, the apparently common one, of your teeth crumbling and falling out. Have you had that? The so-say dream experts claim is a sign of stress, which I can go along with as since I’ve had to give up the 9 to 5 day job, I’ve not had that one again. The other I experience regularly. In it, I am walking around a house, one I am about to purchase or have just bought, with a fabulous kitchen and garden yet, in every case, there is no staircase to upstairs. The bedrooms can only be reached by climbing up the walls or getting into awkward corners and positions and levering myself through a hole, like a loft hatch. I’ve often wondered what the experts would make of that one.

Have you ever had a dream about someone you haven’t seen or heard of for ages and then suddenly, the next day, you bump into them, or get a phone call from them or a letter? How does that happen? How does your mind know?

There is one dream that I had many years ago when I was still at home. I was about fourteen or fifteen and I remember it so well to this day, enough to make me wince and shudder at the memory. In it, I was walking home in the dark and I was being followed. As I walked down a dim path to my house I was attacked from behind and stabbed in the back with a knife. Believe me, I can still feel that blade as it dug into my back. Yet why I should dream such a thing, I have no idea. Whether it was a message about self-preservation or I had been watching a film or TV programme in which something similar happened, I can’t remember and certainly couldn’t recall at the time.

No, the mind is a weird and wonderful machine that at times I do wish would switch off. At least I’m not prone to nightmares; that must be horrible. I’m hoping I’ll have sweet, pleasant dreams tonight, and hope you do too.


16 responses to “In Dreams

  1. Sounds like you would have a great time with a book that helps you to interpret your dreams. Different scenarios mean different things and it’s fun to read a book like that.

  2. I always seem to wake up BEFORE the knife in back moment, thank goodness. That’s not one I’d like to remember. And I’ve whacked my husband a couple times because of a bad dream. Poor guy! The dream I have the most frequently (of what little I remember) is what I call my stress dream. It doesn’t follow the same storyline each time, but always the same pattern. I’m frantically trying to find something or do something and come close, but can never quite finish or reach the goal. I consider this dream my “wake-up” call and try to reduce my stress level…immediately, if possible. 🙂 This is an EXCELLENT and uber-INTERESTING topic, Kit. I hope we get more folks talking about their dreams.

    • It is fascinating how we always seem to wake up before that crucial moment. I often have bruises on my legs from my husband kicking out in his sleep. He told me one time when it happened he was fighting off an armadillo and kicked it of the tree trunk. Goodness knows why he was dreaming of such an animal. Pleased the topic’s of interest. I’m always intrigued by dreams and hope we hear more here.

  3. I like dreaming and seem to do them in spurts. Like I’ll dream almost every night and then won’t for months. My recurring dream is being someplace in either my pajama’s or slip. Never less than that thank heavens.

    My father had one. His mother died when he was a few months old and there were no pictures of her. He was in an orphanage until he was ten. He told us that in his dream he was walking down an aisle toward a set of steps and at the top there was a casket. It was open and he knew he would see his mother but he always woke up before he could get close enough to see. That one isn’t hard to interpret.

    Good topic Kit.

  4. That really is a strange dream, Lavada. Your father must have really wanted to see his real mother. I think I dream most nights but then again, I sleep so lightly and so little the dreams can’t have time to develop. Interesting how dreams can seem to span hours yet often only a few minutes have actually passed.

  5. Oh, what a horrible dream about the knife, Kit. Like Laurie, I always seem to wake before the awful bits, thank goodness. I do have really vivid dreams and a recurring one where I’m running but getting nowhere. I think that’s a fairly common one though. Great topic.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I am hesitant to bring this up for fear of disbelief–yours. Sometimes, what I dream happens. When I was perhaps 12 I dreamed that my great grandfather would suffer a fall and break his arm. The next day, he fell and broke his shoulder. I’ve dreamed of friends finding out they were pregnant and then told them my dream and they look at me like I have 3 heads as they tell me they just found out they were expecting but hadn’t told anyone because it was too soon. I have dreamed of watching myself fall down stairs only to actually fall down the stairs a day or two later. For years, when I was very young, I dreamed about a little girl being abducted. It was the same dream over and over and over. I had it so often and in such detail, I can tell it even now. I have no idea as to the validity of that dream. I was too young to have a way to know if someone had disappeared. I remember when they stopped, I wondered if it meant she had been found or…

    My mother used to call me with news, but would wait and see if I told her first. She’d also call and ask me if I knew something was about to happen that had. I have also called her to alert her of certain things. The older I get, the less dreams I have that come true.

    Dreams fascinate me. They also tend to startle me.

    Please don’t think I’m off my nut. 😛

  7. Certainly no disbelief here, Valerie. I can believe and am absolutely fascinated with premonitions. They do say when we are young we are much more open to such experiences because we haven’t been tainted by adult logic and ideals. Spooky, though, the dream of the little girl. I’ve heard it said our dreams are very much inspired by what we see and hear during the day even subconsciously, perhaps you overheard the story on TV or something and it became embedded in your dreams. And no, do not think you are off your nut. Quite the opposite. 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thank you, Kit. I appreciate your openness. As for the little girl, your theory could absolutely be what happened. However, it was a greatly recurring dream that haunted me for several years. Very real feel to it, like I was a part of it. Very real and very detailed right down to her clothing, the clothing of the man who took her, his truck, even where she was being kept. They stopped almost as abruptly as they had begun. It will remain a mystery, I guess.

      Good topic. 😛

  8. I love this post. So many of the things you talk about have happened to me as well. I have those dreams all the time about people and then find out that they either went to the hospital or sometimes even died when I had the dream. One of my friends told me that was a soul gift. That the person wanted to say good bye to me. I like that concept.

    I also have the dreams about trying to find a bathroom and that’s my cue to get up immediately. LOL! The upstairs dream is also one I’ve had several times. If you find out what it means, let me know.

  9. Phew! Can honestly say I am relieved, Jillian. Relieved that I am perhaps normal after all, that someone else has the missing stairs dream too. I thought it was just me. x

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