Why it took me FOUR hours to write this blog

I’m sitting here staring at a blank page on my computer, wondering what to write about. I seem to be temporarily tapped out on subject matter for blogging.  I went out and looked at my local news. Nothing much of interest there. Like there ever is? Then I remembered I wanted to look at winter cabins for next year and headed over to VRBO where we’ve been renting through…

I have no idea where the last 45 minutes have gone. I thought I only looked at one rental home…or three. Hmm. Maybe I did look at a few more. It was fun to dream, you know? 16 bedrooms, sleeps 34, lots of room and looks like a million dollars (more likely 2 or 3 million). The rent’s too high, but…

Remembering that I’ve wanted lake property for a long, long time and haven’t looked for a while, I head over to the multiple listing site. Oooh, pretty house. Great lake. $625,000? Yikes. WAY over our budget. I need to sell more books.

Bam! Another hour just disappeared. Okay, now I really need to focus and get this blog written. Oh, just got an email from my sister. After answering that, I take a moment to respond to a few more. Twenty minutes later…twenty minutes? Really?

Back to the blog. Maybe I could write about my husband’s birthday present, a retro styled turntable/cd/cassette/MP3/recorder that turned into a major project because now he’s got to build a shelf for under the tv to house the DVD and cable equipment so we’ve got room for the new gizmo.

Or…hey, why is my computer making that noise. The dang thing seems to start system scans at the worst times. Now it’ll be slow for the next half hour or so. I SO need a new computer. I know. I’ll get the also-slow laptop out and do some computer shopping.

Forty minutes later, I have neither found a computer I’m happy with nor finished my blog. Sigh. Okay, it’s time to be “nose to the grindstone” and get this written.

Purrrrrr. Purrrrrr. Meow. Purrrrr. Ah, Dude has come to visit. Well, we can’t have him feeling neglected, can we? A few minutes of cuddling won’t hurt, right? So I pick him up and move to my recliner, where he happily curls up under my chin (or tries to). At 17 pounds not much fits under my chin but his nose.

Sixty minutes later, we both wake up. It’s dark outside, time to cook dinner, and I STILL haven’t finished this blog.  So now you know the saga of a blogger. This “shiny new object” thing happens to me more often than I like to admit.

Does it happen to you? Would you admit it if it did? LOL a bunch. Happy surfing, everyone!


16 responses to “Why it took me FOUR hours to write this blog

  1. I don’t write blogs but I do love to comment on them. One thing I always do is write a review of each and every novel I read and post it on Goodreads and Amazon. Sometimes, the review just flows out of my brain and sometimes it is hard to come up with the right words. That’s not a bad thing. It can just mean that I enjoyed the book so much that I have a hard time putting the story and my feelings into words!!

    Connie Fischer

  2. hahaha. Yep. Lost days are the best, aren’t they? I love that you shared the journey with us. AND of course, Dude can’t be ignored!

  3. Your blog made me laugh so much, Laurie. I think we’ve all been there 🙂

  4. For Laurie, read ‘me’. Yup, been right in there on many occasion. I sit down to do some serious writing and zooom, the day’s gone and I’ve got absolutely nothing done. Happens usually when I dip into Google to do some research and then it’s downhill from there. I’m still laughing, it’s so much how we all are. Glad I’m normal. 🙂

    • Research is a time-killer. I complete agree with you on that. And it’s not that the research isn’t important. It is. It’s just that I get SO easily side-tracked. lol

  5. Oh yeah, can I ever relate. And after being without internet at my finger tips for a few days I feel the difference in energy shift now that I got it back.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Time keeps on slippn’, slippin’, slippin’…

    LOL. Happens to all of us, but at least it made for good fodder for a blog, Laurie! 😛

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