DSC_0010Brrrr—we have been in the 20’s for over a week. Little Missy loves it, Daisy hates it. She will hardly come out of the bedroom. I actually took her to the vet last week (well shots were due) but I told him that she had been acting really “droopy” after a very thorough exam he determined that she may be just a wee bit spoiled. Imagine that!!! I know she is jealous of Missy but having Daisy on my lap just doesn’t cut it. I always end up with bruises. Missy is at my side whenever I’m in the house. If I move too quickly I’ll step on her. When I walk I can feel her at my heels. What a dog!! She would be perfect for an “older”  lady who could take her for short little walks and sit and watch television with her all day long. She loves it when we watch CBS This Morning (she’s a very intellectual dog).

We have gotten rid of some of our cows this winter. In fact our little bull and I had a “falling out” last week and he got shipped to the butcher. We came home from a ball game one night and he was standing in the garage eating apples. The next day he was in the garden, again eating apples. Enough is enough, so when Jim and I stood and watched him short out the electric fence so he could get through I said “call Matt”. I actually kind of miss him because he wasn’t mean at all and was always waiting for me when I went out. In fact when I went to get him out of the garden he came running up to me (scared me to death). You just can’t really trust a bull. Now I can easily move the cows from pasture to pasture without worrying about him.

We are in the middle of basketball season. The five seniors on our girls’ team, including one of our granddaughters, have been together since third grade. They are having a pretty great season but each game gets harder and harder as we realize that the end of their time together is ending very soon. Such a hard year and we actually have two granddaughters graduating this year. Wasn’t it yesterday they were playing with dolls in the play room? They grow up so fast and we are just so thankful that we have been able to be a big part of their lives. Next year might be a little quieter for us, unless the basketball player doesn’t go too far away to school. Then I’m sure Jim will hit as many games as he possibly can and of course I have to tag along, just to keep him awake on those long road trips! Right now I am busy trying to put together little scrapbooks for them of their years playing ball together and, yes, I do have third grade pictures to include.
Cold weather is kind of nice, if you can stay in and be warm. Fortunately I do “have” to be outside part of the time to keep up with the cleaning in the barns. Good time for Missy to run around a little as she is getting a little pudgy, and it keeps me from getting pudgier!!! Is there such a word??

Have a fun winter, spring is just around the corner!!


6 responses to “January

  1. Pudgier sounds right and I’m not getting a spell check. Of course we are right with you on the weather and I’m thinking going south for the winter is sounding better and better. But right now I would dare leave with all the work of getting this place ready to sell and moving into the other one.

    I always feel like winter should be over as soon a we put away the Christmas things. SILLY — it’s just beginning.

  2. Your Daisy and our cat, Dude, are very much alike in personality, I think. Dude doesn’t like to go out when it’s cold. So he’s been moping about the house. And wanting LOTS more attention. Do you know how hard it is to type when you’ve a 17 pound cat sitting on your chest? Oh, wait, You’ve got Daisy. You DO know. lol
    I’ll admit the cold is getting a bit tedious. But I’ve still been going out for my walks. And it does make indoor projects more enticing.
    Enjoy making those scrap books, Nancy. The girls will cherish them forever, as you will all the memories that go into them.

  3. Lovely photo! Vinnie, our current pup, is not a great lover of the cold and it’s amazing how he can hold his bladder if it means staying in the warm. It’s currently snowing here in the UK with the threat of much more to come tomorrow.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Woke up to great big snow flakes flying. Love to see that because it’s such a pretty sight. Enjoyed your blog, Nancy. I hope Daisy is out of her funk quickly. I laughed when I read physically there was nothing wrong, but she might be a “wee bit spoiled”. What a great vet you have! Enjoy the last of the ball games, and I suspect the girls will love the scrapbooks. 😛

  5. Enjoyed your post, as always. Am writing this with 4 inches of snow outside, something we’re not used to getting here where I live. I always think Spring is on the way after the shortest day of the year has passed and the days stay lighter that little bit longer and now snowdrops and crocus in flower on the lawn, if buried by snow at the moment, spring isn’t far away. Shame about the bull but the right thing to do. You can’t take chances with one as determined as he sounded. The girls will have lots of fun remembering and sharing all the fun of the ball games.

  6. Don’t you love it when the vet says your pet is spoiled? How could that happen, right? Lol. I think it’s great that you watch the news with your dog. Keeps you both up to date on current affairs.

    Sounds like a fun spring coming with ball games and graduations. Enjoy and be sure to share pictures.

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