Hats and Gloves – are they Personality “tells”?

So…do you think that hats and gloves tell a lot about someone’s personality? I know a lot of people wear hats. Do you? Me, I’m just starting to get into them more. And I’m not talking about baseball caps. Or the other end of the spectrum—the Buckhingham Palace event styles of hat. Although, those are very cool. I simply have no where to wear something like that.

mi 7No, I’m talking about functional style. For instance, I added a couple of new hats to my wardrobe this year. This picture of my daughter is one of my favorites and I can’t fully explain why, except it is so her, totally styling on the ski slope. So when I found that same hat in black (and on sale), I snapped it up. Every time I put it on, I think of Michal and this picture. So it’s more than personality that makes me like the hat. It’s the sweet memory I attach to it.


hatThis hat is also new. I fell in love with it when my husband’s cousin was here visiting from Guatemala and she literally gave me the hat off her head. Candis has spent years working with local women to preserve the back-strap loom weaving they do. This hat is one of their products. The first pic is from their website (here). train2The second is me wearing the hat. I LOVE this hat. It’s become my go-to summer hat. It makes me feel trendy (even though I’m not a “trendy” person.)

Beyond hats, I love wearing gloves in the winter. I’ve got ski gloves for really cold weather, cheap knit gloves for walking outside when it’s cold. And then I’ve got my Isotoner Driving Gloves.gloves I LOVE these gloves almost more than that hat. Why? Because, when I get in my car and put them on, I feel like I’m transported to another era. An Audrey Hepburn kind of era. I feel like I’m stylin’.

So maybe, it’s not so much that they “tell” my personality as it is how they make me feel when I wear them. I think I’ve got some news things to collect, though. And I intend to enjoy collecting (and wearing) them.

How about you? Are you a hat or glove person? Do they match your personality or are they simply feel-good items. Either way, I’m glad to have mine in the cold weather we’re currently dealing with.

18 responses to “Hats and Gloves – are they Personality “tells”?

  1. Lovely posts. I too love hats but look ridiculous in them so never wear, not even to weddings. Only time was a straw sun hat when in Barbados, where I wore a large wide brim hat on the beach and tied a fancy scarf around for a wedding on the beach there. Fab day. As to gloves, I wear them all the time during winter – black leather, as my hands are always cold and always for driving, even in summer. Audrey Hepburn has a lot to answer for! 🙂

  2. I love the pic of your daughter. Very sassy and full of personality!!
    I also am a hat a glove kind of gal. I love them both. More so with the gloves than the hats but I do love me some headgear. My favorite gloves at the moment are the buttery mauve ones I got in Italy.

  3. I’m a hat lover. I have a closet full…all types. My favorites are the “Newsboy” type. We’ll have to wear our favorite hats to our next Readers Group.

  4. I’ve never been a hat person. I don’t look good in them and I blame my mother because I picked up her genes on height. If I were taller I wouldn’t look like a toadstool in hats. I used to wear gloves but have gotten away from that as I loose them easily. Now that I’m older maybe I should give the hats another try because I love how you look in yours.

    • I think you should, Lavada. I’m having a hard time envisioning you NOT looking good in a hat. So next time you’re at the department store, you’ll have to try a few on to see if you like them. 🙂

  5. Since I live in sunny and warm southwest Florida, gloves are not needed and the only hat I wear is a sunhat. However, I really admire someone who can pull it off. So, don’t you just love to see the Royal Family all decked out in theirs?

    • Gee, Connie. It’s 25 degrees here right now. If it weren’t for our woodstove, I’d be wearing hat and gloves in the house! I think I need to come visit Florida. 🙂 And yes, at Royal events, I’m glued to the telly watching to see who’s wearing what.

  6. Hats are so functional yet add (and reflect) SO much personality – just like you said. Nowadays, there are so many different styles of hats and what was once all the rage is becoming fashionable yet again. Here in SoCal, the wide brimmed, big, bouncy sun hats are back in style. It’s amazing what fun they can add to your outfit!

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    I love hats but do not wear them. I try them on all the time in the stores, but outside of my Pirate’s ballcap, and my pink Steeler’s ballcap, I don’t wear hats. I have tons of gloves, but my very favorite are my Isotoner driving gloves, which look exactly like yours. I’ve had them since my freshman year at University. My mother bought them for me and I take great care of them. I also love scarves…winter and otherwise…and went to a seminar on how to tie them (sounds boring, but it’s really an art form). Good post, Laurie, and I really like the pic of your daughter. She looks very stylish! 😛

    • I’m actually finding myself surprised that I’m not the only one wearing Isotoner driving gloves. I kind of thought I was old fashioned with this, but I love them. How cool is it that you’re still wearing a pair you got in college! And yes, as I said to Michal above, she is my style guru. 🙂

  8. Fun post, Laurie. Great photos. I love hats and while I’m not sure they love me, who cares? I have a fake fur one (a la Dr. Zhivago), a brown felt one, a suede one with fake fur trim and a wide brim straw hat for summer. Gloves are a necessity for me in winter as my hands get really cold, really fast. My mum gave me some neat woollen gloves which are fingerless but have a little buttondown cap-type section to pop over fingers when required. Perfect for dog walking 🙂

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