Heavy thought alert!

If you seem to be enjoying a light-hearted and happy day, run away from this page. Run like the wind and never look back.

For those of you who are still here: let us slog together through the swamps of dawning self-awareness.

Transformers are those cute little toys that kids played with in the early 2000s, right?  Uh oh. Wrong word. I meant ‘transformation.’ You know, that thing you do while you’re whiling away your time on the planet, eating and drinking and driving and working and generally trying to survive against all odds.

Only now you’ve begun to realize you came to this planet and that you have an expiration date. And that it is getting closer. What to do? What to do?

Well, there’s always alcohol and drugs…

But, hey, if you don’t want to take that route, why not try a little conscious change? That’s the fine skill of taking what upsets you and figuring out why and then figuring out a way to make things better in your life. Some of the things that I find transformative and you may too are: TED talks, positive talk, music, writing, sitting beside trees, and loving something or someone.

For those of you who are wondering what Life is really all about, here’s the shorthand version. Read this and save yourself a lot of time and pain.

It’s all about transformation, okay? Here’s what happens: you are born onto the planet, (even though you didn’t ask to be born), you get messed up (by your family—even   though they profess to love you, or by society—who does not profess to love you), you spend years straightening yourself out (either college or therapy, but not both, unless you’re a psychology major) and then once you’ve figured out what was really wrong with you (take your pick: dysfunctional family, rotten luck, no silver spoon) you get the chance to consciously evolve and make some choices. Best thing to do now is find like-minded people and do what they do (Est, meditation, prayer, voodoo, breathe), hang out where they hang out (Los Angeles, casinos, monasteries, movie theaters), and give it a try (for more than one month).

If that doesn’t work, there is always travel. Find someplace to land. Try Ireland, Iceland, or New Zealand.

Theresa Scott is a Pacific Northwest writer who is full of sage advice–sometimes. For more of her writing, please visit her website at


7 responses to “Transformation

  1. Ummm, food for thought. I try to turn things into challenges instead of roadblocks or downers of any kind. So, for me it’s all about challenges and experiences. So far it’s gotten me through most of the hurdles of everyday life.

  2. I pick travel. 🙂 Okay, so maybe I’m zeroing in on what feeds my soul, but there’s some great advice here. The bottom line, as you say, is to keep the transformation going over the long haul to have a fulfilled and satisfying life. Thanks for the reminder, Theresa.

  3. I’m with Laurie. Let’s all travel

  4. Yay! I’m packed, where are we heading?
    Seriously, I have several places to land depending on what’s happening at the time. Whether it’s an outright escape I need or a period of heavy contemplation, I’ve mostly figured out what feeds my soul. So important, and maybe one of the gifts of, ahem, growing older?

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’m all for travel, too. Pack your bags and leave your cares behind. Send me an itinerary! 😛

  6. Ha! The catch is that travel can also increase our (self-)awareness! Just cant’ get away from evolving, can we? 🙂

  7. You had me at the word travel. Anywhere, any time, any how. 🙂

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