Book Review – Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah


I have another Kristin Hannah story to talk about. I can never resist her stories and I had to read this book, if only to figure out why a story set in the Pacific Northwest was called Firefly Lane. I live here and the only reason I’ve seen fireflies is because my husband brought some home from Indiana one year…on a plane. And yep, they lived to be freed.  🙂

When I remember this story, I will always remember the phrase “be careful what you wish for.”  It doesn’t have anything to do with the plot, but I kept wondering where my tears were. It’s a Kristin Hannah story. I cry over all her stories.

Those tears caught up with me BIG time. First, thought, I had the rare pleasure of becoming intimate with the lives of TullyandKate. This is a story that defines “BFF”. Through ups and downs and the many roads life travels, these two remain friends. And it’s not easy some of the time. In fact, there are times when the stakes are crazy-high. This story is also a walk down memory lane for folks born pre-1970. ABBA, anyone? 🙂

Kristin puts a postscript at the end of the story that I highly recommend be read after the story. It’s…well, I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just say it’s important.


Catch you in 2013 with more conversations over the backyard fence!


11 responses to “Book Review – Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

  1. I’ve never read anything by this author, Laurie, but now I will if only to read that postscript 🙂

  2. I was first drawn to this author because I have two granddaughters with the names of Kristen and Hannah. So, her name made me smile. I’m so glad I investigated her novels because she’s great. My daughter-in-law and her Mom are both huge fans too. Have not yet read “Firefly Lane” but am looking forward to doing that. One more chuckle: My granddaughters lived on Firefly Lane. Therefore, reading this is a must! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • What an amazing coincidence, Connie! You were destined to read Kristin Hannah’s novels. And that they LIVE on Firefly Lane? That is awesome! Got any specific titles of hers you’d love to recommend?

  3. Sounds like a good read.

    I love fireflies. Used to capture them as a kid. We’d fill a jar with a vented lid til it glowed then empty it to set them free.

  4. I’m not sure there’s enough stars to assign to this story. It makes you reach back in your childhood and remember best friends. I have a friend like that. We both started a new school in the second grade and now we’re grandmothers. But of course our stories haven’t followed the turbulent tide that Kate and Tully’s do. Firefly lane will bring memories, make you laugh and a warning be sure and have tissues handy because you’ll need a lot of them.

  5. I’m coming across lots of good reviews for this book. Certainly seems a good one to be put on the TBR mountain. Fireflies – are they the origin of fairies, I’ve often wondered…. 🙂

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