The Week Before Christmas

I was going to talk about the fact that my son is moving home this week from the UK and how glad I am that he will be back in the continental US while I’m also sad that his time there has come to an end. It’s mixed feelings for sure. I know how much he loves it over there but I also know how eager he is to get to work on his career.

So, that was going to be the topic but after the events of Friday, I want to offer a little prayer for these families who are suffering the loss of their children. I also want to say that the suffering of all families who are without loved ones for the first year or the twentieth year are in my thoughts. We’ve had so many losses this year- even some of us here on the backyard blog- that I hope we can all find some semblance of peace in our lives.

Every year, I have a lighted nativity in my yard as well as a snoopy and a sleigh. This year, here’s what I added to the mix. I hope we all have a piece of this in our lives. A piece of peace. I like that. Merry/Happy Christmas to you all. Hold those you love close and treasure the time together.

19 responses to “The Week Before Christmas

  1. I know what you mean. Friday’s event was such a tragedy. I’m with you, praying for the families and hoping for some peace for all.
    And enjoy having that son of yours back on this side of the pond. 🙂 Merry, merry Christmas, Jillian!

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  3. The PEACE with an angel is so perfect right now. I wish nothing more than for the parents of those little ones to find peace. May God be with them all.

  4. How great to have your family all back on the same continent. Except I can understand the mixed feelings as it was a great excuse to visit England not that you need one. 🙂

    It has been a hard year and there isn’t words that can convey the horror of what happened in Connecticut. My heart goes out to the families and friends. Love the addition to your Christmas display.

  5. Lovely that you have your son home, Jillian, and in time for Christmas, too.

    The wish for peace is so appropriate right now and my thoughts are with those families suffering after Friday’s awful tragedy.

  6. I’m glad your son is back,;I know what it is to have one far away…and both of mine are here now, as is all of my immediate family. I wish you and all the gals’ here families peace and love for Christmas.

  7. The angel of peace is a lovely thing to do. You must be delighted your son is coming home. Enjoy every minute. And wishing you a joyful and safe Christmas. 🙂

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    How wonderful to have a baby chick back home!

    As for Sandy Hook and the tragedy there, I sat in my office and cried Friday. Wee ones who’ve not done a thing to anyone should never have their lives snuffed out like that. My heart hurts for their families. How does one overcome the abrupt and violent loss of a child?

    Peace is what we all need more of!!!!

  9. Love it,Jillian.We all need peace.I cut back considerably,but don’t miss it;I am not stressing and everyone else seems calmer, too.I am glad you have your son back for Christmas.

  10. Yes, so did I, but…well, Peace on Earth, huh? If EVERYONE had peace in their hearts!

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