The Perfect Marriage

I should be talking about the fact that this is 12/12/12, the last time we will see perfect symmetry in the calendar system this century. But I’m not. I bet, based on the title, you think this blog might be filled with tips to keep a marriage fresh, don’t you? Again, nope. That is not what’s on my agenda for today. I hope I don’t disappoint you, but it’s today is actually about holiday decorations.

You see, my husband and I have been married for 23 years. That’s about how long I’ve been collecting a menagerie of pieces for our Christmas village. This is my thing. And each year, as I unwrap each box, it’s like visiting old friends.

My husband always supports my interests. To be honest, though, I know he doesn’t much care about little inanimate village pieces and people. Not like me. I don’t name them, but they are still characters in my Christmas story and I write it fresh every year.

What my husband is passionate about (besides me, of course) is trains. Full size OR toy size. (Please don’t tell him I called his trains toys.) It took us 20 years to figure out how to join these interests.

 Behold…the new and improved Christmas Village. marriage1My houses, my little ceramic people, my trees. His track and trains. It’s not to scale, but it’s so much fun for both of us now to set it all up. We play like kids.

It’s the perfect marriage.



22 responses to “The Perfect Marriage

  1. It looks great! And what a great marriage of the two 🙂

  2. Fabulous! Marriage is truly a give and take thing. While you may not at first be interested in each other’s hobbies, if you take the time to learn a bit about it, you might find you really like it. For instance, my husband is a total rock hound. After becoming familiar with the different gemstones and learning to recognize them, I am really into it myself. And, would you believe after 46 years of marriage to my “favorite” husband, I haven’t had to use the “special” pillow?! 😉

    • Our daughter is a rock hound. I’m glad to hear you and your husband have also found a hobby to share. We’ve got one more–we geocache. It gets us out walking, much like your rock hunting does.

  3. What a great way to ‘marry’ your marriage and the trains with the viliage into the story,as well.Congrats and I hope all is as beautiful in your life as your look display looks.

  4. I love this marriage of a hobby that produces such an amazing fun filled display. What you two must have setting it up together.

  5. Very cool Laurie. I love miniature trains too and also the Christmas village pieces. But alas, living in a double wide manufactured home doesn’t allow space for such displays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  6. Now that really is a perfect marriage 🙂 Such a great idea and I’ll bet a whole lot of fun, Laurie.

    • My husband was just out running the trains a while ago. This gives him an excuse to get them out of the boxes once a year and play with them. Me, I need no excuses to play with my village. Well, maybe I DO use Christmas as an excuse. lol

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    The way I see it: It keeps two people involved in something that can only grow and get better. I like that you’ve combined the two. Steve and I have been looking at tiny villages, too.

    • Growing. Interesting choice of words, because our village started out on a little buffet and has, over the years, grown to a 4 x 8 foot piece of plywood. And already this year, I’ve set some stuff next to it, having overgrown the plywood. I’ve GOT to stop buying village stuff. But it’s SO cute. 🙂

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        I hope you never quit buying little village pieces, Laurie. I’ll bet your platform is a wonderful place. 😛

  8. Love this!! I knew your hubby was a big train fan and you like to go see them. I love that you have one in the house, too. Enjoy!

    • Oh, yeah. There are train books, and calendar, and pictures, in our house. And fond memories of travels to ride some of the “local” steam trains. It’s kind of cool, how a home morphs the longer you’re married, isn’t it? There are pictures all over the house from our travels. And nicknacks we’ve picked up along the way. Pictures of the kids in various stages of growing up,. It’s a history of our life, hanging on walls and adorning any flat surface I can find. 🙂

  9. It IS history. Ours. lol. You know, I don’t relish the thought of having to downsize at some point.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Oh! I agree! The longer you are together, the more items you accumulate that are symbols of what you have done together. How does one part with that?

  10. Oh, how lovely. What a wonderful thing to do together. It looks so good too.

    • Thanks, Kit. One of our daughters was over last night and I loved watching her look closely at our village. She’d pick up pieces, recognize why we bought them, and reminisce. Good times!

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