I had the hardest time thinking of a post for today. It was a dilemma. I ran through all the things on my mind and didn’t want to depress anyone with another sad post so I considered a recipe but didn’t have the energy to go find one to post, so I decided to share a picture of my Christmas tree. We usually put icicles (tinsel) on it but for some reason, no one thought to buy it this time. I’ll make my way to the drug store sooner or later to get it.

I wrapped some presents this week but I still have a few things to get done. I don’t really like to shop the mall so I try to go to little boutiques when I travel or to a few local stores I like around here. The best shop we have in Pensacola is actually the downtown hardware store. It’s been in business since 1851 and they have some of the best stuff ever. They also WRAP!! I love that. Some super cute wrapping paper, too. Check out their website. Here’s a link to see what they carry. Click on the various tabs on the top to see all the neat goods they have. photo-14

Another cool place to shop is Renee’s Hallmark– My friend, Lisa, owns it- Long story about the name- lol! She has lots of super-cute stuff too that isn’t your standard Hallmark fare- don’t get me wrong, she has that yumminess, too but she’s got great taste and orders things you don’t see just anywhere. She’s a sweetie, too.

A place around the corner from my office is called The Linen Corner and it’s a wonderful little boutique as well. Lots of super gifts there as well. AND they wrap, too. Gotta love it when they wrap for you.

That “wraps up” my little discussion of cute shops in the Pensacola area. Happy shopping where ever you are.


17 responses to “Dilemma

  1. Sounds like fun!
    Your tree is very pretty, as are the lace curtains behind it.

  2. The tree is so nice; warm and cozy-looking! And I love the idea of the old hardware store.”It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas..toys on every store” is what I remember as a kid. I just told the cousin who came in for Thanksgiving that I named a doll for her because it looked just like her,(which is why my mother bought it). It came from Western Auto at Christmas time.
    (I’m glad your friend has a nice store, but my husband works for American Greetings>)

  3. Your tree is lovely, Jillian. Well done! I went and checked out your hardware store. My husband loves places like this. It looks like I would, too. I clicked on a tab titled “Lampe Berger”. I’d never heard of that before. So then I had to google to see a picture of what they are, kind of a diffuser. Neat!

    • Thanks re: tree, Laurie. It is a good one this year. the hardware store is awesome. AND the lamp bergers are awesome. I have two. the scents are wonderful. and yeah, you’d love this store. It’s always an adventure there. Lots of coolness.

  4. Your tree looks so warm and inviting in your cozy living area. Isn’t it great to find an unusual little place to shop? They always have the best gifts and the gift wrapping is so nice! One less chore during this busy time. Happy Holidays to you.

    • Thanks Connie. I love my cozy room. The wood on the walls was what sold us. It looks like a ski chalet inside with those walls. AND I love little shops. They are like lifes-blood to me.

  5. Thanks; funny, it has to have been more than 50 years ago that I got that doll, and I just told my cousin about it.I can’t believe what memories stick. I never believed that the “oldsters” around me could easily discussed what happened 30-40 years before, and here I am telling a 50+ year old tale to my cousin…at Thanksgiving,like the movie ‘ Avalon’.!

  6. What a lovely tree. A tree makes Christmas. Shall be putting mine up next week. Do have a wonderful one, Jillian 🙂

  7. Your tree is beautiful. And, I agree with the lace curtains behind it, it’s a perfect setting. I shop boutiques whenever we travel, picking up things for future Christmas’s. Bet it smells good too.

  8. I agree, your tree looks beautiful, Jillian, even sans tinsel 🙂 After a day in Bath today doing some festive shopping, I’ve vowed, never again! Shopping in little boutique stores sounds the ideal method. It’s on my resolution list 🙂

    • Thanks Tricia. I love the city of Bath but have never been during the holiday madness. Boutiques are awesome. In fact, the one called The Linen Corner is having a little open house today and I’m going to walk there at lunch.

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great tree! I don’t know that it necessarily needs the icicles. 😛

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