Moving isn’t something I like a whole lot. And, we haven’t done a lot of it. The Jubilee house (to the right) will be my 5th house. Of course we moved a few more times what with the transitions. One particulary hard one was when we sold a 3,500 sq ft house and didn’t have another one waiting. We moved into a small duplex with wall-to-wall furniture. That is one ‘moving on’ I don’t want to ever do again.

This move has been coming, as the place we have now is 7 acres. The two houses are almost the same size but the current one is 25 years old against the 6 year old in Jubilee. The biggest advantage of the move is less yard work. Jubilee is in a community and the curb-side is taken care of. I won’t even have to have a lawn mower. They water, mow and weed so that just leaves the back yard and it doesn’t have grass.

I know once I get settled in I’ll be fine but this is going to be a long move. We don’t want to list this one until spring and there is so much more work here that it makes sense to make this one the primary place until then. The good part of doing it this way is that I am packing up boxes (and getting rid of stuff), taking them over to Jubilee and unpacking. By the time the ‘real’ move comes all it will be is the larger furniture.

A couple of Sunday’s ago we went over and moved cabinets into the garage and I bought new bar stools. As it comes together I may move sooner rather than later. We’ll see as we go along. This is going to be a journey and I’ll try to post my progress. The hardest part will be when we close up the old house. It will be like saying goodbye to an old dear friend. There are so many memories our family has made here. But, we’ve done it before. I think the hardest one was the one the kids grew up in. There’s something to say for people who keep the family homes. But then we think of all the work and how downsizing will give us so much more time to play.

Another advantage to the Jubilee place is that it’s easier to leave and go south for a month or so. When we leave this one we need to watch the time of year so the lawns don’t become knee high and the weeds don’t take over.

Interesting times and it often seems a bit overwhelming but then I just take a deep breath and move on. Makes this life journey challenging and exciting.


11 responses to “Moving

  1. They both look like lovely places. I know it’s hard to move- the work involved is one thing but the tugs on the heart are the harder part, I think. Like I always tell my clients though, a house is a building, a home is where your loved ones are and you can make a home anywhere. I know how much you’re loved and how close your family is. I have no doubt this new building will be a cozy home before you know it.

    And the added bonus? No mowing. YEAH!!

  2. Best of luck with your move. It’s not always an easy undertaking, however, it can be so good for your psyche. Happy Home! 🙂

  3. I’m sorry that you feel a loss, but I have tried to make each move an adventure,(a couple were, but now is not the time.)I try not to move, as there for a while my family moved every year or so. I have been trying to declutter.I know that I brought way too much with me in the last move,since I have boxes that took 17 years to get unloaded!
    Good luck with your new home.

  4. It always takes me like forever to unpack boxes. Doing this way I’m hoping that by the time I have the bed over there the little stuff will be put away. Thanks for stopping and taking time to comment. 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Your new place looks very inviting, Lavada. I think the way you’re moving is very organized and a whole lot simpler than all at once, but few people have the luxury of a move like this. Make new memories there with your family, and enjoy the carefree front lawn!

  6. I love your philosophy, Lavada! “Take a deep breath and move on” … words to live by, Your new place looks lovely and I’m sure that you’ll soon have it feeling like home. And no lawnmowing – now that’s a really big bonus 🙂 Looking forward to the next instalment.

  7. Well, I’m totally falling down on the stick this week. First, I forget to load my Monday blog, then I’m a day late chatting here. Sigh. Oh, well, sometimes we just have to give it up to a busy week and move on. Lavada, I know how hard moving is emotionally. And I’m SO glad you have all these wonderful memories to take with you. If it were easy, it wouldn’t have been worth living there, eh? I’m also grateful you get to move in increments and don’t have to try to sort/pack/decide about everything in a short period of time. I can hardly wait for you to be in the new place, though. SO excited for you. 🙂

  8. It’s always hard when moving – I’ve done it 13 times! But it won’t be too long before you’ll feel like you’ve always lived there and will make lots of new memories and friends. And no lawn to mow – that’s got to be good. Will look out for your next instalment with interest. The new place looks lovely, btw. 🙂

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