Ghoulish Treats and a Grand Introduction

Happy Halloween! I hope you, your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews have a safe and fun Halloween with lots of treats and very few tricks.

I thought it might be fun, even though it’s not a Monday, to post some sort of Halloween treat recipe. So I headed over to my favorite recipe website,, and typed in Halloween. Here’s a sampling of the recipe titles that came up:

  • Halloween Ghosties (Nutter Butter cookies coated in white chocolate)
  • Halloween Bloody Baked Rats (rat shaped meatloaf on rice)
  • Halloween Eye of Newt (deviled eggs made to look like eyeballs)
  • Halloween Black Bat Wings (chicken wings basted with black-colored sauce)

Ewwwww! I’m a very visual person when it comes to food. It’s got to look pleasant and recognizable or I’m not eating it. No rats or eyes for me. Nosiree!

However, if you lean toward the macabre, here’s the link so you can check the recipes out:

That about takes care of the Ghoulish Treats. Now for the Grand Introduction. We’re happy to announce a new member has joined our blog.

Theresa Scott will be taking over the first Friday of each month. I first met Theresa when she was President of the RWA (Romance Writer’s of America) chapter I joined. Theresa was warm and welcoming and always willing to pass on what she learned. She taught me about setting reachable goals, about how thinking positive could help me reach those goals, and about how to persevere in an industry constantly changing and filled with ups and down.

Take a moment to check out Theresa’s bio page here. And this Friday, November 2nd, if you’ve got a moment, stop by and say hi to the newest member here at Over The Backyard Fence.

8 responses to “Ghoulish Treats and a Grand Introduction

  1. Valerie J. Patterson

    No way I’m going to eat any of that! 😛 A friend of mine made brain cupcakes for her grandson to take to preschool. Despite coming in a skull cupcake wrapper, they actually looked scrumptious.

    Welcome to Theresa! Hope she enjoys her stay here! 😛

  2. Ewwww is right, the meatloaf especially. But I’d take a Halloween Ghosty. 🙂
    Waving Hi to Theresa. I’m sooo glad you’ve joined us and I look forward to your blogs.

  3. Love the recipes, Laurie. Such fun!! and kinda gross – lol

    Welcome Theresa. Looking forward to your posts and getting to know you.

  4. Yep, that rat recipe really looked gross. So far, no one’s up for giving it a try, eh?
    And I think you’ll all really enjoy Theresa’s blogs. She’s a sweetie! Stay tuned…first one’s up Friday!

  5. Thank you for the lovely welcome at Over the Backyard Fence! I look forward to visits with all of you!

  6. Oh what fun those recipes look but shan’t be trying any of them out.
    And a big hello to Theresa, looking forward to your posts. 🙂

  7. Great recipes, Laurie. Like you, I’m a visual eater and couldn’t handle the eyeballs or rats. Yuck!

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