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Book Review – Judith McNaught’s Perfect

This title says it all, Perfect. I read, a lot. So I was surprised to find that I hadn’t read any of Judith McNaughts books. Well that is changing. After reading Perfect I immediately purchased two more.

Warning — it’s a long story, 677 pages and you’ll have trouble putting it down.

The story is a saga starting with the hero as a young man. Born to wealth his grandmother literally kicks him out and disinherits him. Zachary Benedict is a strong character and makes his way back to the top. But life has left him cynical and when his marriage fails he becomes even more so.

The heroine’s story also starts out as a young girl alone in the world, but unlike Zachary she doesn’t come from money. A foster child Julie Matheson gets herself into trouble and ends up with a dedicated psychologist who places her with a caring family that help her to turn her life around. Determine to prove herself she turns into Miss Perfect.

Zachary’s wife is murdered and he is convicted and sent to life in prison. After five years he escapes and in the process kidnaps Julie and takes her to a luxurious cabin high in the mountains.

Unwillingly both Zachary and Julie form a bond. She doesn’t believe he’s guilty. Zachary isn’t used to love and the unconditional kind that Julie holds out to him leaves him with hope.

This story is a page-turner with no sagging middle. The plot is sort of predictable but the characters give it a fresh twist that fully engaged me.