Daily Archives: October 26, 2012

Just in case…

It’s hard to ignore that Halloween is just around the corner and as usual I have the dilemma of whether to buy sweets for potential trick or treat-sers. The last couple of years I’ve bought in a supply and with no takers on the 31st, have been left with copious amounts of sweets which of course I have to eat during November. I just know that if I don’t buy supplies, I’ll be visited by more children than I can count and with nothing to offer.

Although not technically a superstition, this Halloween tradition has made me think about the other things I do, just in case. Like avoiding walking under a ladder, which is supposed to be bad luck (probably in case the man working at the top of the ladder drops his tin of paint on you as you pass under). Every time I approach a ladder on the street, I automatically pass around it, fearing that the one time I ignore the superstition will be the time the proverbial paint falls 🙂 According to this superstition, if you do walk under that ladder, you have to keep your fingers crossed until you see a dog!

Then there’s the whole not opening an umbrella in the house, because it’s unlucky and may bring bad weather. Or a fear of Friday the 13th, or breaking a mirror which will bring seven years bad luck. But then there’s the lucky black cat crossing your path. I love this one as it’s considered very auspicious and will bring good luck.

Until fairly recently, I was happily oblivious to another superstition. The one that says if you see a single magpie you should salute it. Two magpies mean joy, so no need for the salute. A friend told me this when we were out walking, so now of course I have to salute that lone magpie.

What about you? Are you superstitious? If so, what superstitions do you observe?