Happy Halloween to everyone. Almost my favorite time of the year except, of course, Christmas. We FINALLY got the house finished, no dip in the floor, new carpet in and almost everything back in place. What a wild few weeks we have had. Jim and I are both almost exhausted. Now I’m anxious to get outside and get some things transplanted!!!

We have a new addition to our house, not sure why, but maybe it has something to do with being such a push over with my oldest grandson. His girlfriend found “Missy” in her driveway; she tried for almost two weeks to find the owner until finally her Dad said, “She has to go”. Kasey was broken hearted and of course James called Grandma who is raising his dog “Daisy”. Missy is little, cute and doesn’t know a stranger. The vet says she is closer to 2 than 3 and part Chihuahua and part Dachshund. Completely
house broken but she has a tendency to wonder off. I’ve caught her on the road twice so now she can’t go out without being tied unless I am with her. She goes under the fences which is a problem we have never had with Daisy. In my sternest voice I have gotten after her and brought her back. Hopefully we’ll get her over that soon. Of course Jim is saying she has to find a home but I can’t seem to bear the thought of letting just anyone have her. We’ll see, my bet is she will still be here next summer.

We have been in the process of selling some cows, now that is hard. Who goes? Who stays? So far I have managed to give up two and think I have two more picked out to go next week. I thought a little less work this winter might be a good thing but I’m kind of having second thoughts. Our little bull, Ryder,and his mother, Laney will definitely stay. He has got to be the sweetest, smartest bull we have ever had. He comes when I call him, will go exactly where I tell him to go and loves to chase Daisy. She doesn’t think that is one bit funny! It will be nice to have fewer cows around, maybe I’ll even buy a new pair of jeans instead of another bag of grain!

Will that is life on the farm right now. Hope you are all having a wonderfull fall. Enjoy Halloween!!! The next time I talk to you I’ll have a lot to say about Disney Land and my plane ride and I will remember to wiggle my toes!!!

5 responses to “October

  1. Missy is absolutely adorable and I vote for her staying put. (sorry, Jim!). You know, I always thought I wanted to live on a farm, but it would be hard on me (also) to give animals up. So I’m probably better as a city-person. I do, however, love the virtual visits to your place. I get my “farm fix”, so thank you!

  2. Missy, looks like she doesn’t have anywhere she’d rather be. Smart puppy because she’s going to be spoiled rotten. And, Daisy looks like she’s smiling in the picture.

    Like Laurie I really enjoy our farm fixes. Sometimes I miss it all but then I get up and it’s cold and wet and I think — “not so much”

  3. Gorgeous photo 🙂 Missy must think she’s in doggy heaven having landed on your doorstep. Like Laurie and Lavada, I love the virtual visits to your farm.

  4. Missy is adorable and lucky to have found you and a friend in Daisy. Always enjoy your posts. 🙂

  5. If I had a vote, I’d vote for Missy staying as well.

    I love this season and Halloween is one of my favorite things on Earth! Enjoy yours and enjoy Disney

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