Saying Hello From the Other Side (Of the Pond, That is)

This week, I’m visiting my son and future daughter-in-law in London; actually, Deptford near Greenwich. We are also taking a side-trip to Edinburgh for a few days. I’m writing this before I go so I won’t screw up and miss my day, so I’m presuming (since I never ass-u-me) I’m having fun and I’m hoping I’m having some wonderful cider. We don’t have these yummy drinks here where I am so I try to get what I can when I’m over visiting. I mean, we have a few, but not really any choice (one place here has 3 varieties) and I have to make a long trek out of my way to get some.

These two photos are some brands I like. My son brought a bottle or two home for me when he came last. He’s good to his mom.

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10 responses to “Saying Hello From the Other Side (Of the Pond, That is)

  1. ummm yummy. How long will you be gone? How’s the weather over there? You have to be stacking up frequent flyer miles.

  2. Ahhh, what a good son! And hopefully, as I write this and it’s well into your evening, you’re not “in your cups” with your fill of cider. lol Hmmm. Actually, I’m making an assumption that it’s fermented cider. Is it?

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Safe travels, Jillian! Enjoy your time with your son, and get your fill of your favorite ciders! 😛

  4. Welcome to rain drenched England, although the east is fairing better than where I am in the west. And the west is the home of cider. Scrummy scrumpy – love it. Enjoy yourself and whilst you’re here and especially Edinburgh. Have never been there but heard they prefer whisky up north! lol 🙂

  5. Hope you’re enjoying your visit to Blighty, Jillian. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine today, cold but bright. Also hope you’re enjoying your cider fix. Cheers!

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