Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

Saying Hello From the Other Side (Of the Pond, That is)

This week, I’m visiting my son and future daughter-in-law in London; actually, Deptford near Greenwich. We are also taking a side-trip to Edinburgh for a few days. I’m writing this before I go so I won’t screw up and miss my day, so I’m presuming (since I never ass-u-me) I’m having fun and I’m hoping I’m having some wonderful cider. We don’t have these yummy drinks here where I am so I try to get what I can when I’m over visiting. I mean, we have a few, but not really any choice (one place here has 3 varieties) and I have to make a long trek out of my way to get some.

These two photos are some brands I like. My son brought a bottle or two home for me when he came last. He’s good to his mom.

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