When Life Gets To Busy

This is a little of what I feel like lately. I keep telling myself that one thing about having a To-Do list that looks like the national debt is that I have such a wide choice of what jobs, tasks, and/or projects I want to work on. Yeah like over 50% of them I don’t want to work on at all.

Lately with buying another home, we closed on the 4th of this month, I have added even more tasks. But it will make moving from this one easier as I can move slowly into the Jubilee one.

Easier, smeasier, I still have way to much to do. And, this morning I woke up still feeling tired and decided, ENOUGH. Unlike the other big resource, money, everyone has the same amount of time. 24/7 is all anyone gets, not a minute more or a minute less. So with new resolve I climbed out of bed and immediately started the washing. No lingering over a book and coffee. But wait, this isn’t what I want life to be. I WANT, no NEED that lingering over whatever.

Now I’ve reached this point a number of times in life. So one more time I’m putting on my Time-Management hat and digging out. I’m going to use the old money management routine in getting the smaller jobs done first. Then applying that time to the next tasks. I’ll break down some of the bigger projects into manageable pieces.

And this time when I claim back ME-Time I’m going to hang on to it. I have a friend that is still working and swears when she retires she’s not going to take lessons from me.

Okay before I start bemoaning the fact that as busy as I am I should be thin as a rail I’m going to get off this post. If anyone has any suggestions or advice please let me know as this time I’ve really dug a hole and will need all the help I can get to dig out.


11 responses to “When Life Gets To Busy

  1. I can’t give you any advice on me-time. I run around like a crazy woman most of the time myself. Although I do consider the first draft of writing a story me-time- after that, it becomes work! LOL

    good luck with the to-do list and the move. You’ll ace it all.

  2. I like your idea of applying money management techniques. Of planning XXX time for YYY project, then, when YYY is done, taking that XXX time and applying it to another project. I’m going to have to try that to get through a couple projects I haven’t wanted to work on. If I tell myself I only have to work on it for half an hour today, it might not seem so daunting, eh?
    Good luck, Lavada!!!! To both of us!

    • The sprinting helps get things done. I was surprised at what I could get done in a half an hour when I put on blinders and didn’t get distracted. Umm maybe Sprinting would be a good topic for a future blog.

  3. Love the picture although I don;t remember telling you that you could post that picture of me.!!! When you get this time management thing figured out we need to sit down for a LONG talk.

    • I tell you life really needs to slow down. Either I’m getting a whole lot slower or things are speeding up. Laurie says I need a to-done list to go along with my to-do list so I can appreciate what I do get done. 🙂

  4. I hear you, Lavada. How I ever found time for the day job is a mystery. But I believe that taking time to relax helps to build more energy to do what we need to do, although it’s so easy to get stuck on the treadmill and forget to take that time. That’s what I think in theory anyway, the reality is different 🙂

    • I think I got more done when I was working and the reason was that I was afraid to let it pile up like I do now. I do think once this house is sold and I’m moved over to the other one with a fraction of the yard, things will slow down.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Perhaps you’re simply feeling overwhelmed, Lavada, because you *know* you have to pack up one house and unpack another. I can’t imagine what emotional packing you’re going to be doing alongside the physical, material packing, too. I suspect that once the move is out of the way, you’ll find you have the time you’re looking for to go with the chores you have.

    Best wishes to you in your new home. I hope you create fabulous memories there with your family.

    • Thanks Valerie. Actually I probably won’t move entirely until next year. The plan is to stage this house and get it ready to market next spring. The market was right to buy and when I found this place it was just the right size so I jumped ahead and got it. It’s just that the new place needs paint and then all the stuff like getting insurance, hooking up utilities, coordinating with the HMO. Just stuff.

  6. I’m the worst one for time management. Tell myself I’ll spend an hour on this and an hour on that but never happens. Tried making lists but lose them sometimes purposely. How I ever found time to fit everything in when I worked full time I have no idea, now I find it’s too easy to say “oh that can wait until tomorrow”. When I feel overwhelmed I simply walk away from it for a while, recoup and pick on the simple, easy tasks first. Once the move is made am sure you will settle down again. It’s a kind of fear of the unknown but it all gets done in the end. X 🙂

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