WOW—is summer ever lasting a long time here. We have been in the high 80’s low 90’s for almost all of September. I’d love to be outside working really hard on the yard but wouldn’t you know, this is the year the house decided to “spring a leak” and we have some major repairs.

That was after I had decided I’d paint the house this year and the barn!! Of course, this happened while we were on vacation, the hot water pipe no less, and we came home to a “dip” in the floor. Needless to say we have been busy fixing the floor. Decided to do the utility and bathroom while we were at it (just one more little project). They will be here to put the floor down in those two rooms Friday and do the counter top, but the carpet—now that’s another story.

I picked carpet that isn’t even on the production line yet so I have to wait until mid-to-late October for it to get here. I fell in love with the carpet when I saw it and I just couldn’t find anything I liked better. Oh well, bare floors are “different”.

Meanwhile, we are in the middle of fall softball and we have a, just turned 8-year-old granddaughter, playing U10. Really fun and a little slow after watching her sister play high school and tournament ball but we are adjusting. Sunday she got to pitch her very first game, so of course I had to show you a picture. She was so excited and told us she thought she did pretty good for her first time, we had to agree.

Just got a call from my son reminding me that I am going to Disneyland with them in November. Pretty exciting but I think Jamie thinks Grandma will go on all the rides with her—not sure about that. First I have to get on the airplane—for me that’s major!! But my granddaughter has been planning this trip for the last two years so too late to back out now. I’m sure I’ll have a great time once I get down there, Jim refuses to go, but then I have to get back on that plane and come home. I have a couple of months to get my nerves in gear so I’ll be ok—right now all I can say is YIKES!!!

Hope you are all having as marvelous a fall (well almost fall) as we are.


7 responses to “Wow!

  1. Sounds like a lot going on there. I’d be like you and pick the carpet that’s no available yet. Seems like that’s always the best, isn’t it?

    Enjoy the ballplayers. Love the picture. She’s got a good arm!!

    Don’t fret too much over the plane. It’ll all work out and think of the good times ahead. Besides, you can etch new grooves in the seat arms with your fingers clenching on. Can’t wait to see pics!

  2. You’ll do fine on the plane and the trip is soooo worth it. We’ve been so many times but it’s better with the kids.

    I can’t wait to see the carpet. Getting one that isn’t in production sounds like something I’d do.

  3. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time in Disneyland. Just keep focused on the goal during the flight and don’t forget to wiggle your toes. I worked as a flight attendant before I was married and we used to tell nervous passengers to wiggle their toes at regular intervals – it seemed to help.

  4. Wow is right. You’ve been BUSY! As for the plane, I’m not a great flyer, but it’s worth it to get to the other end. 🙂

  5. Thank you all for the posts and I will remember to wiggle my toes. I’ve tried everything else so maybe this will work. Floor is going in today, what a mess!! I’m going to the barn and paint!!

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Wow! You have a lot going on all around you, Nancy! Chuck fear aside and enjoy the trip with your family. You will have a blast being a kid again! 😛

  7. Have a fabulous time in Disneyland, I know you will. Flight will be worth it. 🙂

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