Trees and More Trees- or Should I Say Less Trees?

This past Saturday, we rode over to our river/lake property in Alabama to mark the trees that need to come down so we can start building the cabin our son is designing for us. I’m excited to get started but we have to clear some of the trees before we can get the land ready. I hate to knock them over since many of them have been around longer than me. There are a few that have damage and would have to come down anyway, but there are some that their only sin is that they are in the way of the house. We are going to let the paper mill have the pines so they will at least be repurposed and used. I like that.

I took some pictures while we were out there. A couple of them are trees that had the bark peeling on them. I loved the textures of those and was sure to mark some of them as keepers.

One of them had some lightning damage and sap had oozed out and clumped on the bark. It was nasty-looking but I took a couple of shots of that one as well.

The trees in the water are particular favorites of mine. They are definitely staying as well as the oaks hanging over the water.

Here’s several of the photos. I hope you enjoy them. I hope it’s cooling off for everyone as well. It’s still in the low 90s here but the humidity is lower and I can sense fall is coming.


14 responses to “Trees and More Trees- or Should I Say Less Trees?

  1. Thanks Sandy, It was hard to narrow them down to a few.

  2. As usual, Jillian, gorgeous photos! I especially love the first one as I adore branches overhanging water.

  3. Good photos, Jillian. I feel a special kinship for trees and understand how hard it is to hasten their demise. Can’t wait to see how your cabin turns out. How wonderful that your son is designing it!

  4. Thanks Tricia. I love to take pictures and when people appreciate them, it makes it more special. There’s a super tree that REALLY hangs over. I need to add that picture. It’s one I can totally see a rope swing on to leap in.

    Thanks Flossie. I also have a kinship for trees. And If I didn’t let the architect child design it, I’d never hear the end of it. LOL!

  5. Beautiful spot. Is it far from where you live? Years ago we had a lot up on a river but then bought a place out at the lake and never went up there so sold it. Living in the Pacific NW trees are a part of life for us. Love the pictures.

    • Thanks Lavada. I love trees so much! The lot is about an hour and a half from us on the river that leads to a lake. It’s a nice area in Alabama near the Conecuh National Forest if you look on an Alabama map, you can see the forest area.

  6. I’m with Flossie. It’s hard for me to think of taking down trees. However, you are doing it right, being selective and trying to leave the natural beauty as much as possible. When Mark and I moved into our home of 23 years, it was pretty treed here. One by one, folks have moved in and taken down the trees on their property. It makes me want to go buy acreage out in the middle of nowhere and build a cabin. You’re doing what I’ve only dreamed of.

    • Thanks Laurie. My grandparents had a house on the river in north Alabama and I spent many a wonderful time there. I want the same for my as yet unborn grandkids so we’re finally doing it.

      I agree that we need to keep all the trees we can.

  7. Great photos. Really love that first one – I can feel a painting coming on – I too have an affinity with trees and would hate to live somewhere where I couldn’t see any. Shape that some have to come down though, but it will be worth it when it is all finished. Keep us posted on the progress, won’t you? 🙂

  8. Thanks, Kit. If you paint it, let me know. That would be cool. Yeah, I’m hating to cut some but have already decided what to plant in their place in the front part of the lot once the circular drive is done. I’ll post more pics as we go.

  9. Valerie J. Patterson

    Lovely pics, especially the water one. Lovely spot for a cabin, too. For many, many years my family had a cabin in the woods and I loved it there! Surrounded by trees and nature and natural, raw beauty. Very inspiring. Mark Twain had a study in the woods in New York. 5 of the 6 sides were glass. I can only imagine the inspiration he had there!

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