About twenty-five years ago we got a Giant Schnauzer and we still hear Nicky stories. From the family to friends to people just seeing him, he was loved. A year or so ago my daughter-in-law started talking about getting one and no surprise wanted a Nicki type. First to convince Rick, no small feat as they are at the stage in their lives where they are free to travel and play.

Once Rick gave the okay Linda got on the air waves and started inquiring at Skansen’s where our Nicki came from. Then the wait. Sylvia the owner of Skansen’s picked out just the right guy but he had just been born and wouldn’t be ready for three months. We batted around options. They could fly him up or we could make the 15 hour trip down to get him. After weighing the pro’s and con’s we decided to make the drive. While waiting for the day to arrive Linda agonized over names. It couldn’t be just any name. Right off Rick wanted to call him Hoss. Remember the Ponderosa TV series and the big guy? But Linda couldn’t come up with a full name that would work. FINALLY she found the perfect name. Skansen’s Houzer Von Schnauzer. Houzer is a mutated spelling of Houser the German machine gun. PERFECT name for an absolutely PERFECT dog.

Friday the 7th of September we left here at 5:00 in the morning. Let me stop for a minute, that’s a.m. and to leave from the their house at that time I needed to get up at 3:30a.m. Have I mentioned I’m a night person? With barely 3hrs sleep all I could think of was curling up in the back seat and finishing the night. Problem — to get his carrier in we had to put down all but one of the back seats. Hey even at 3 months this puppy isn’t little. In fact he weighs around 25lbs. Can you imagine his size when he’s full grown? These Giants are — well giants. Anyway that left one upright seat to ride, uh sleep in. But it all worked. The weather was beautiful, and we all enjoyed the drive. We stopped at our favorite rest stop coming and going. It’s right on the Rogue river, or I think it’s the Rogue. Coming back Hoss loved it as much as we did.

We spent the night at a rather challenging motel that could be a story in itself. The only redeeming thing was the café next to it. Great food, Sam’s For Play Café. If you’re ever in Santa Rosa Ca. I’d recommend it.

The next day we were at Skansen’s gate at 9:30 for our 10:00 appointment. We had Nicki flown up so I’d never been there. At Skansen’s its all about the dogs. And, of course I fell in love with everyone I saw. There was a litter of Standard Schauzers that were the same age as Hoss. Good thing you don’t just go in and get a puppy from Skansen’s or we would have been coming back with two.

When they brought Hoss out he had been bathed but still had his puppy coat. They put him on the table and you would have thought he’d been clipped on a regular schedule. He stood there like a little gentleman and went from furry funny puppy to elegance and class. All the way home we had to keep telling ourselves this guy was a puppy because from the first he walked on a leash, something he’d never had on. I know I am partial but I have never seen a dog this smart this fast.

With the seat down he rode right next to Linda and I imagine that accounts for the instant bonding but he amazes me. We stopped often, really often. The car would stop and the cage door would open, Linda would snap on his leash and he was ready. Then we stopped for gas and Linda got out of the car but of course he didn’t. I went into the store with her and when we came back out Hoss was telling Rick what he thought of the whole thing. Whine, until it was almost a howl, he voiced the woe is me sound.

We all spent yesterday resting up as it was 2:30, yep a.m. when I rolled back in the garage. Today Hoss went to work with them. They stopped over here and I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed the guy. He loves people and makes friends wherever he goes. We are all looking forward to years with Hoss and it’s promising to be some fun times.


9 responses to “PUPPY TRIP

  1. What a cutie Hoss is. It looks like a match destined to happen. So he and Linda have really bonded? That’s SO cool!

    • He has bonded to Linda but he loves Rick. I think part is the rough and tumble. He’s gentler with Linda and with me too. It’s going to be fun watching him grow from puppy to BIG Dog.

  2. He is adorable, good thing I wasn’t with you or we would have come home with two more. Be sure to tell Rick and Lilnda that I’m an official “dog sitter”.

    • Oh yes, these guys can get the saddest look when called for. It says ‘take me – take me’. I did tell Rick yesterday about your comment on dog sitting. We need to schedule lunch and run out and see him.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    He sounds too cute for words, Lavada! He looks HUGE for a puppy. My Aunt Sis only ever owned Schnauzers, but hers were always very small dogs. Perhaps 15 pounds at most. Glad the trip went so well. Rest up! 😛

    • I had miniatures and loved them. In fact we had miniatures when we got our Giant. The female miniature ruled and taught Nicki how to be a gentleman. She hated anyone to run in the house so Nicki learned early to come in quietly.

  4. Oh, what a gorgeous puppy. And thanks for sharing your trip to fetch him, enjoyed every word. Look forward to hearing more about him, am sure he will be up to many tricks and scrapes. 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous boy! Can’t wait to see more photos as he grows. Love his name 🙂 and it sounds like he’s really bonded with you all already. Hope by now you’ve caught up on your sleep 😉

  6. AWW- what a beautiful baby! And a great name for him. I’m glad he’s so sweet and fitting in so quickly. Love the picnic spot on the river, too. Enjoy that fella!

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