Craziness In the House

So, this week is a double release week for me and I’ve also got (to use a cliche) a tiger by the tail. I need to update my website with all my new stuff and lots of other things need doing but I am in the throes of a crazy whirlwind of a story. It will not leave me alone. My house is a wreck. I haven’t cooked in days and in fact, never ate dinner tonight and it’s 10:30 as I’m popping over to get this post ready. I love a story that wants to tell itself, but dang, I need to do other crap, too.

My first novel that sold was set in Italy and it still sells to this day. Every royalty statement has some sales of it on it and several people have said it’s their favorite book of mine. That caused me a little angst as i like to think that my writing has improved since then but I finally figured it out. People love Dario, the hero. The macho, alpha, arrogant count is a wonderful character (even if I wrote him myself- lol). So, I decided to return to old Italia for the new story.

My inspiration was Venice and the water taxi driver who took me and my son to the train station. He was a beautiful man. Absolutely divine. I also adored the city. It was lovely and so unique. I can’t wait to go back someday, but til then, I’ll hang out with the hero in my imagination.

This thing has taken over my life. Send aid. Chocolate, a chef, a maid and maybe a lawyer who can do my day job so this Italian man will let me work in peace from 8-5. Have a wonderful September and see you on the other side of this fast draft!


16 responses to “Craziness In the House

  1. Jillian, are we going to have to have an intervention? I could have sworn you said you were going to get all the editing done on your other stories before you started another one. lol Oh, wait a minute. With two releases coming out, I’m betting you already DID catch up. If so, write away. If not, well, I hear you thrive under pressure. Let the story pull you along. It apparently wants to be told.
    Me, I’m going fishing. We’ve got out of town guests and we chose to hit the lake today as our fun thing to do. Hmmm. I’ll have to look around for some story inspiration while I’m there.

    • Yep, I need an intervention. Badly. I DID finish the edits on one. The other, I printed and did my print edits but haven’t gone back into the document on WORD to put the changes in. I couldn’t- this chap, or should I say Signor? named Vincente Canaletto has taken over my brain and will NOT back off. Maybe he needs the intervention, huh?

      Enjoy the fishing. I hope some story baits your hook and you’re off and running on a new adventure soon!

  2. Ooh, setting a story in Venice definitely has an appeal…more-so than, say, loading the dishwasher or whatever.

  3. When you find that aid organization of which you speak, I want the maid and chef, don’t need the lawyer. LOL.

  4. You could have been describing this house and not for the super exciting reason of living in a story. We’re leaving super early Friday for Ca. to pick up a puppy. And trying to do the paperwork and stuff on getting the new house.

    Congrats on the double release.

    • Ooh. I love that you’re getting a puppy. Cool. Good luck with the new house, too. I hope you’ll post pics of house and pup.

      Thanks for the congrats.

      • I didn’t make that very clear — actually my daughter is getting one. And, quite a guy, a Giant Schnauzer. We had one 20 years ago and have bunches and bunches of Nicky stories. Thanks for the good luck wishes on the house. I don’t need ‘more’ on my plate but it’s a buyers market right now. Hopefully it will turn so we can sell this one.

      • Congrats to your daughter then. LOL! I had a part-schaunzer mix dog when I was a kid. He was a handful- not sure if it was the schnauzer blood or not but he was a lunatic. He ate clothes out of the hamper- He wasn’t part goat either, I don’t think. Hehehe

  5. You are definitely a real writer. A real writer doesn’t have a clean and tidy house. Italy is a place high on my must visit list, content for now to read novels set there. Yours have just jumped my tbr list. As to aid organisation, have been seeking for years to no avail and given up. Meanwhile choc and wine good substitutes. Dang the housework – Vincente sounds too good not to devote time and energy to. Enjoy him before he vanishes. Good luck with writing and edits.

  6. Thanks Kit. That first sentence gives me a lot of ideas for telling the son and spouse why they need to fend for themselves. Lol. And you would love Italy. It’s beautiful. One of my favoriite places. Reading and writing about it makes me want to go back.

    And I’m really enjoying Vincente. He’s a strong willed but gentle (on occasion) man.

  7. I once saw a fridge magnet that declared “dull women have tidy homes” and decided to make it one of my mantras 🙂 Vincente sounds much better than housework, Jillian, so get to him. Have fun!

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    Congrats on the releases and on the “trouble” you’re having. A writer needs a muse that keeps her going–perhaps not at that pace–but none-the-less keeps her busy! 😛

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