A special boy, a beautiful girl and a summer full of loving

While we’re waiting for our next guide dog puppy, we’ve been keeping our hand in by walking dogs at the local rescue centre. Of course, we’ve fallen in love with all of the animals at the centre, but our special favourite is Alfie, a beautiful six year old golden labrador.

Alfie has been shoved from pillar to post. He was a sniffer dog but somehow got lost along the way and it’s thought he was possibly forced into dog fighting while lost on the streets in Europe. Not surprisingly, he now has a problem with aggression with other dogs and finds being in kennels very stressful. But Alfie loves people and is the most beautiful boy. He’ll do anything for a biscuit, is very obedient and affectionate. He loves playing in water, loves his big teddy and tennis ball. We would have adopted him like a shot, but couldn’t chance him with the puppies. We really hope some special person will come along soon and take Alfie home to be loved as he deserves and given the chance to learn how to live happily with other dogs.

While we’ve been waiting for our next pup (who hopefully arrives on 13 September) we’ve been looking after a couple of friends’ dogs during the summer. Our current houseguest is Tia who is also a beautiful golden labrador and is three years old. Tia is very much a lady and patiently waits for her treats and dinner. She even crosses her legs as a proper lady should πŸ™‚ Tia loves the local woods, she loves her treats, adores chasing balls and playing tug with her red hoop. She does seem to have selective hearing though, and sometimes fails to hear us calling her, but strangely when the word ‘biscuit’ is mentioned she miraculously appears in an instant.

Most evenings she’s totally pooped from the day’s activities and sleeps soundly in her bed until about ten o’clock. Then it’s as if an alarm goes off and she’s up and ready to play, just as we’re thinking about preparing for bed.

We’ve loved having Tia stay and are hoping the next week goes slowly so we can continue to enjoy her company before our friends return from holiday. We’re almost tempted to put a sign on the door when they’re due to collect Tia saying “Gone Away. No Forwarding Address” but imagine they’d track us down πŸ™‚

I saw a message on Facebook last week that said: “Without animals, our wallets would be bigger, our homes would be cleaner, but our hearts would be emptier”. I imagine animal lovers everywhere would agree with that.


13 responses to “A special boy, a beautiful girl and a summer full of loving

  1. Ahhhh! I’ve fallen in love with both Alfie and Tia over a blog. πŸ™‚ Tricia, you have a soft spot for goldens, don’t you? I’m glad you’ve been able to fill your summer with the animals you love to have around. And you know how much I respect what you do, training helper dogs. My heart couldn’t stand to let them go. You are amazing!

    • Yes, it seems that the goldens gravitate to us, Laurie πŸ™‚ I do find it extremely hard to let any of them go, but there’s always another little treasure waiting to be loved. Thanks for the lovely compliment!

  2. I agree with Laurie you and AJ are amazing. The things in life that are important to you I feel the same about. It’s funny how like people find each other. We live across the ocean from each other but it feels like you’re much loved neighbors. There’s certainly something to be said for technology when it connects us like this.

    Keep the puppy blogs coming they warm my heart and make my day.

    • Thanks, Lavada! What a lovely thing to say. And I agree that we share so many of the same likes and dislikes. I can imagine when we finally get to meet in person, we won’t stop talking for days!

  3. Love the puppy bog. We have also “puppy sat” this summer with three of our children’s dogs ar different time. Daisy loves having the company and someone to romp around with. Of course she pouts for a few days when they go home. To us it’s like having three little kids in the house, very active, but so much fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    • LOL, Nancy. Yes, it sometimes feels like having little kids around the house and just as tiring πŸ™‚ As we don’t (yet) have our own forever dog (but I’m working on it), it’s usually me pouting when the dogs leave πŸ™‚

  4. What a happy, happy place you have for all these cutie pie dogs. They are lucky to get to spend time with you! Enjoy!

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I think it’s a noble thing you do raising and training dogs for service. Poor Alfie. I hope someone with a big heart and a kind hand takes him home. Having been mauled by a dog when I was 9, I am not a dog person, but I’m so glad there are people like you who are dog people!

    • So sorry you had such a bad experience when you were small, Valerie. I can understand how something as traumatic as that can affect you as an adult.

      Yes, fingers crossed someone wonderful comes along to adopt Alfie. He is such a poppet and soft as putty with people.

  6. Love the blog, Tricia, and love the term forever dog – hope you get your wish soon. πŸ™‚

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