Our county fair was great this year, lots and lots of fun. We have come very close to losing our fair because of funding. This year, without a manager, the board, with lots of volunteers, were able to put together a really fun fair. The weather was almost perfect with no rain and not a lot of hot weather and the rodeo drew a huge crowd Friday and Saturday night. The grandkids did really well with lots of State Fair entries. Things are almost back to normal around the farm with State Fair a couple of weeks away.

On top of almost everything else I got the silly notion to paint the house, well I was going to paint the back porch and maybe the rest of the house in the spring, but I loved the back porch so much when I got it finished that I was ready to tackle the rest of the house. Jim has definitely decided that I am the world’s worse painter. He won’t even let me use his new ladder because I spilled paint on it, not only on the ladder but all over me. My hair was a very dark brown!! I can hardly wait to get the house done, but first things first, like HAY. Tomorrow it should all be in the barn which always makes me feel really good. Especially if it hasn’t been rained on. So far so good and the weather looks great for tomorrow.

Our youngest granddaughter turns 8 next week so she has a party planned. This year her theme is Hawaiian so thought I’d enclose a picture. She and her parents put on wonderful birthday parties each year with always a different theme. I’m sure she plans these for a whole year!! Then we go to the beach for a week so, it’s about ten days of birthday—is she spoiled? Well maybe just a little but so much fun and with my other two granddaughters graduating from high school this year and my youngest grandson starting high school it makes me realize how fast they grow up.

Hope you are all having a marvelous summer and having as much fun as I have been having. Can you believe fall is just around the corner and football and soccer will be starting—brrrr!!! For now I’m just enjoying the sunshine!!

5 responses to “SUMMER

  1. I’m LOVING this sunshine. 🙂 Nancy, your posts are always a breath of fresh air. I love the feel of country life, infused with lots of family, that you give us a glimpse of. This is clearly another great summer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Nancy, I agree with Laurie, I love the feel of country life and family your blog infuse in this busy world. You’re having some beautiful weather to enjoy the beach with.

  3. Sounds like fun times!! I’d be totally covered in paint like you were but it would be fun anyway! Happy birthday to the grand dauighter. Happy summer to you- keep enjoying the good family times. Lots of graduations ahead for you!

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’m glad your fair board was able to pull off an enjoyable fair this year, Nancy. Hope they keep up the good work! Enjoy all of your grandchildren. What a blessing to have so many! 😛

  5. Thank you everyone, we are back from the beach. What a great week to be away from the heat we had in our area. Beach weather was almost perfect, I even burned my feet a little one day–now they are ichy!!!!

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