The Big Green Machine

I’m back to what Eleanor Roosevelt said. “Everyday do something that scares you.” Tackling the big lawnmower scared me.

Note: This thing doesn’t have a steering wheel. And, worse it doesn’t have a brake. And, it goes fast and faster.

We have a lot of area to mow. Okay so we have two big lawn mowers. But, I haven’t mown a lawn since I tried it when I was around 20 years old and Jack told me to forget it. Like forever. Hey I should have taken better notes on how to get out of yucky jobs. I might have gotten out of cleaning the toilets. ☺ Yeah like that would have happened.

Anyway I was stressing over not being able to do more around here so Rick (son) gave me a short lesson and away I went. I did the whole front, about maybe ¾ of an acre. I was so proud I’d have popped a button if I hadn’t had on a tee shirt. I did hit one tree but reasoned that there were a few others that looked like they’d been hit at one time or another. And, I missed a few spots but all in all, it was a pretty good job.

Before you think I’m kidding about a lot to mow. This picture is the middle sized area. The one I mowed was bigger and of course had those tree’s. Wonder why a condo is looking better and better? I’m beginning to grit my teeth when people tell us what a beautiful place we have.

There’s still 3 acre’s up back but that will have to be done with the tractor. It’s easier in that it has a steering wheel and a brake. I’ve only driven it a short distance. Another mini lesson from Rick. But at least I didn’t do what Kris (daughter) did. She hooked the bucket on the gate coming up from the barn. Linda and I stood there with our mouths open waiting for her to take out the fence. But she recovered nicely and no damage done unless you count her rapid heart rate.

It’s taken two days for me to recover and my hands are still a little tingly from gripping the bars so hard. At my age I think I’ll shoot for something scary every week instead of every day.


14 responses to “The Big Green Machine

  1. It can be scary doing stuff like that. I’ve mowed my friend Bob’s field with his John Deere that has a brush mower attachment. If you mess up, it could be serious. So don’t feel bad about feeling fearful when you climb onto that machine. You are a brave lady.

    • Thanks Linda. I drove the John Deere a little and actually it was easier. It was those bars and no brakes that got to me. I’m going to give it another try this week. The darn grass just keeps growing.

  2. You amaze me, my friend. Nothing stops you. When something needs to be done, you simply figure out how to do it and check it off the list. You’ve had a lot to deal with these past couple months and good for you for tackling it all instead of letting it tackle you. It takes a lot of strength to do that.
    That being said, your hands are still tingly? Consider this fear whipped and let the kids take over. 🙂

    • Back at you Laurie. You constantly amaze me. It’s been quite a year for both of us and it’s just a little half over. I think I’m going to start looking toward 2013 🙂 Well after some of the fun stuff planned for the remainder of this one. Sept. the trip to Calif. to pick up a puppy. No! Not for me. Rick and Linda (son and daughter-in-law) are getting a Giant Schnauzer. Then the CanCun trip. It hasn’t been all bad stuff this year. It just sometimes seems like it. At least we’re all still laughing. Humor can heal a lot.

  3. It looks scary to me. Don’t think I could have tried it. LOL

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Lavada, the best way to face a fear is to grasp it, shake it, and throw it to the ground. You’re doing that in spades. I didn’t expect you to cower and whimper. You are made of tougher stuff than that. I’ll bet your son is proud of you, and it had to be pure satisfaction to gaze over your accomplishment. Oh, and don’t worry about that tree. The first time I drove a golf cart I literally took out a sapling! 😛

    • Valerie, I can see you with the sapling. Had a chuckle.

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        You should have seen Steve’s face when I did it. This happened on our honeymoon, and I can still recall the look on his face! To hear him tell it, we were banned for life from the course! 😛

  5. You are an inspiration! No steering wheel and no brakes? *Shudder* As Laurie says, you’ve gotten this fear whipped. Love the idea of doing something every day that scares you (or even every month).

  6. Riding that machine looks fun. Sadly my little patch of grass isn’t worthy of it. What a woman of determination you are. Don’t think I could do something that scares me every day but it’s a great idea!

  7. Reading your comments makes me realize how strong we can be and are. And, then reading Tricia’s story of the children. And Kit’s dedication and love for little George and Nancy’s posts that show grandparents love. I could go on and on as each of you are so very special. Oceans may separate us physically but nothing stops us heart wise.

  8. Way to go on facing that demon!! Wow. I’m super proud of you. Those things scare me for sure! And I totally would’ve hit the fence.

    • I have hit those fences more than once and a few rocks. Now I know they are there. Rick(son) was laughing last night and said not to feel bad as Dad had managed to flatten a tire on the tractor right after he got it. And, I just got the bill from the service to the lawn mower and D.R. (brush cutter) that Jack had set up. Like $700 worth so he wasn’t all that easy on the equipment either. 🙂

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