Happy Birthday to the USA today. It’s interesting to me that Canada Day and Independance Day here in the USA are in the same week. Then, on July 14, is Bastille Day in France. Lots of independence in the air over the years in the sultry month of July. I wonder why that is. I’m always looking for connections and this is an interesting one, to me.

I’ve often wondered if the rebels in 1776 would’ve been as blood thirsty for a king’s head as the French were if the colonists here could’ve gotten their hands on George. I like to think not but man’s inhumanity to man has never ceased to amaze me.

I love the British Isles. I’ve long been a fan of the culture and architecture and lifestyle, but I also love my country. My family came to North America from Great Britain in 1690 and were very involved in the Revolutionary War. My ancestor was with Washington’s Army at Valley Forge and almost froze to death. He was on sick leave for part of the time and didn’t get his wages because he couldn’t march. I, for one, am grateful that he survived since I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t since his children were all born after the war. If he didn’t survive, all that begatting wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t be writing this blog post and boring y’all to death. LOL!

Hope all the Americans who pop by here have a great holiday and to my British friends, thanks for being such cool people with amazing customs and friendship for your former colonies! AND don’t let anyone tread on your freedoms.


12 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Happy birthday to you, too! Even better, the SUN has finally shown up here in the Pacific Northwest! Summer is finally beginning. That’s interesting about your Grandfather. So, they didn’t have anything like “sick pay” back then, eh? I, too, am glad he survived to grow a family. 🙂
    And I’ll give a shout out to our British friends, also, who just recently got done with their own huge celebration with the Queen’s Jubilee. Fun times!

    • Yay for sun in the pacific northwest! So excited for y’all for that. Enjoy the day! Yep, no sick pay back then- you soldier or work or you get docked. and thanks for being glad he survived. Lol

      And yeah, that jubilee was awesome. Watched a bit of it. The English know how to put on a show for sure.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday to us. The weather report is looking good. Things here are getting back to some kind of normal. A good life.

    And, I watched part of the Queens jubilee too and agree the British know how to celebrate.

    Heading out the the grandson’s later but for now just a lazy morning.

  3. Boring? Certainly not. I love history and family history even more so. Without our antecedents none of us would be here. Happy Birthday ya all.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Happy Independence Day! It is indeed a good day to celebrate and honor all the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted. Nice posting! 😛

  5. Thank you for the nice blog–and it good to celebrate and honor the freedoms we have and take so much for granted.

  6. That was a fascinating post, Jillian, certainly not boring! It’s great that you know about your ancestors.

    Hope you had a great day. Freedom is always worth celebrating!

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