Sorry for Being MIA

Have been super stressed since the last time I posted here. My mother had a stroke and my son was here visiting from the UK and my cat is sick (I’m afraid she’s dying) and I’m just feeling a tad like pulling out my hair. I enjoyed what little time I got with my son but it felt rushed and hectic what with all that’s happening with my mom. My dad is taking good care of her but he’s not taking care of himself in the meantime. I’m trying to make sure they eat right (since dad is diabetic and mom usually is the one to make him to do the right thing with his diet). And, Oh yeah, there’s that day job thing, too.

The future daughter in law hurt my feelings a few times while they were here but I’m hoping it’s just because I feel ultra sensitive right now. I’ve prayed since my sons were born that they’d each choose someone I could love (or even like) as a daughter in law. I forgot to reverse that prayer and hope that she would like me. Alas.

Anyway, I seem to be Debbie Downer lately, so just ignore the woman behind the curtain!

11 responses to “Sorry for Being MIA

  1. No way that woman behind the curtain is precious. You care and it makes the person you are. A wonderful friend that can relate. Take care your world will right itself.
    Sending hugs. 🙂

  2. I’ll side with Lavada. You are a precious commodity, Jillian. I hope you get some relief from the stress.

  3. The woman behind the curtain should be proud to step forward. As Lavada has said, you are precious, you are important and valued. I know that’s hard to accept when you are down and full of angst with what’s going on in your life, but it is oh so true. Your friends are here any time for you.

    • Thanks Kit. All the kind words here are making me feel better. It’s tough right now to feel good and I know I’m making myself ill over all this but knowing it and stopping it are different, aren’t they? Thanks for being here for me.

  4. You’re too hard to ignore, oh precious lady, so come out from behind that curtain. To quote John Denver, ‘some days are diamonds, some days are stones’. I hope your diamonds are just about ready to sparkle again, Jillian. x

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Ignore? Not a chance. I was here Monday to read your post, and couldn’t find it. Then the week got hectic and I never made it back until today. I pray your mom recovers fully from her stroke. I know you’re taking care of Dad even if you feel you’re not. You simply couldn’t *not* care for Dad! As to the future d-i-l, perhaps she didn’t realize she hurt you, or maybe she was so nervous things came out wrong and she’s fretting over it as well? Whatever the case, I hope she comes to realize there is gold in the future m-i-l, that–if mined properly–can lead to emotional and familial riches she never dreamed possible. Take care of yourself in the process of all else. You are not replaceable, either! 😛

    • Thanks Valerie. All your words made me feel better. My mom seems to be improving and I’m so glad for that. It’s tough to see her like this. As to future DIL, I’m taking a step back and not going to try so hard. Sad, but that’s what I need to do.

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