Voices that make you take notice

Have you ever heard a voice that made you stop and pay attention? A voice that, no matter when and where you here it, you know who it is after only a word or two?

I love men with deep voices. They mesmerize me.  Here are three of my favorites:

Sam Elliott (Roadhouse, Ram truck commercials)

Dennis Haysbert (The Allstate Guy)

James Earl Jones (Darth Vader voice, et al)

Who are your favorite voices? I know I’m picking on the guys, but are there any women’s voices that draw you in and make you take notice?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch these video’s one more time. I think I wrote this blog just so I could listen to Sam, Dennis, and James over and over and over again.  🙂

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


11 responses to “Voices that make you take notice

  1. Sam Elliott is my very favorite. And Happy Wednesday back at you.

  2. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh Laurie! James Earl Jones is my favorite speaker. His diction, his tone, his enunciation. He has it all! I think I could sit and listen to him read an entire book! As for the ladies … Jane Seymore has a lovely voice. I think it’s her accent that draws me in. I listen to a lot of books on cd, too, and there’s a female reader of the Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta series. She’s an unknown, but she’s got a fantastic voice for reading. Andi McDowell has a nice voice as well.

    Happy Wednesday right back at you! 😛

  3. I’d add Morgan Freeman and David Caruso to my list, Laurie, and I love Christopher Plummer’s voice too. Yes, something about those deep tones, plus add a touch of gravel and, well …. swoon 🙂 Ladies would be Maggie Smith and Judi Dench.

    Excuse me, just off to listen to that Sam Elliott voiceover again 😉

    • Oh, yeah. I’m listening to Sam each time I pop in to comment. 🙂 And Morgan Freeman’s a great addition. David Caruso. I just popped over to YouTube to listen to some of his CSI:MIami one-liners. He sure puts those sunglasses on a lot. 🙂 Judi Dench is a great voice, too. I had to remind myself who Maggie Smith was. You’re right. She’s got a very distinctive voice.

  4. YEAH! Love them all!!!!

  5. James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman do it for me every time! Now, if you’re talking singing – everyone loses hands done to Andrea Bocelli. Then I really do go weak at the knees.

  6. I’ll take the ALL-STATE GUY!!!!!

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