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Book Review – Comanche Flame (Madeline Baker)

As you can guess from the cover this is Historical Romance. Dancer is a half breed Comanche. He’s wild and free, making his living by his gun. The Indians are still a force to be reckoned with and his people are still a strong tribe though he hasn’t been ‘home’ for a number of years.

When a spoiled rich kid challenges him, he tries to talk him down but finally the kid gives him no choice and ends up dead. Witnesses testify that it was self-defense. But it’s a no good with the kids father who owns half the county. He wants Dancer to pay.

On the run Dancer comes on a brother and sister in trouble. Jessie and her brother are almost to their destination and a new life when four men break into their camp and kill the brother and are about to do worse by Jessie.

Dancer leaves them dead and taking Jessie eludes the posse on his tail. He’s a loner but Jessie changes him and sparks fly as their first attraction grows. Both fight against it heightening the tension of the story.

Dancer is a bigger than life hero. Jessie is his match, raised in the east with a gentle upbringing she grows into a woman of incredible strength and courage.

The settings are rich and varied including the scene’s in the indian village. There’s some violent scenes and Ms. Baker paints vivid pictures. It’s a fast paced read with believable characters.

This is Ms. Bakers first book. It was written in 1992. I googled her and found that she has number of books out. I love it when I find a new author and even more when they have a backlist. I’m looking forward to some good stories. Click here to visit her site.