Daily Archives: May 23, 2012

First Run Fever – Television Finales

Well, have we all gotten through the finales of our favorite television shows? How did it go? Did you like how they turned out? Or worry about where the cliffhangers left things?

I’ll talk about a couple of mine. First, Survivor: One World. For me, this 24th season was the best one yet. I didn’t start off feeling that way. I was embarrassed to be a woman the way the women were falling apart. But I have to give them credit. They re-grouped, strengthened their resolve, and maintained that strength while the men de-constructed—BIG time. The guys even gave up tribal immunity to the women. They went to tribal and voted one of their own out when it should have been the women sitting there. Crazy!

At any rate, the finale ended up with 3 strong female competitors and I’d have been happy with any of them winning. However, since this was the first time the person I picked on day one WON, I’m ecstatic for Kim Spradlin. And maybe, just maybe, I’m getting better at picking winners? Now if that Lottery ticket would just pay off, eh?

Another series I watch are the naval crime shows NCIS and NCIS:LA. Both left off with very intriguing storylines and I’ll be tuning in come Autumn to see how they resolve this.  SPOILER ALERT: If you watch these shows and were aghast at Ducky’s collapse at the end, I’m happy to report that on April 30, 2012, TV Guide reported David McCallum signed another 2 year contract for NCIS. It just wouldn’t be the same without Illya Kuryakin/Ducky there.

Hubby and I picked up a new show this year. Person of Interest. I would have watched this show simply because local actor Jim Caviezel stars in it. But the plot is also unusual and the stories have been different enough that each week is fresh and exciting. The basic premise is that a man built a computer that spits out the names of people who are in trouble. What you don’t know is if they are the good guy or the bad guy. They’ve surprised me a couple times so far with that one. And they left it with a huge hook that pulled me in even further. I’ll be a couch potato, come Fall, if this keeps up.

For now, though, it’s re-runs and time to catch up on my project lists and the movies we want to watch. How about you? Are you shows over for the season (if you watch TV)? How did they turn out? And what will you be doing with your time over the summer?