Foreign Film Recommendation

I like to watch foreign language films and I took the time to watch two this past weekend. I enjoyed them both even though they were quite different from each other. The one I want to tell you about is quite a lovely little romantic story. It’s called Bread and Tulips.

It’s the story of an Italian woman who is on vacation with her family. They are on a bus tour and the bus leaves her while she’s in the bathroom at a rest stop. She’s been a housewife. She has a husband who is a loud mouth as well as a cheater. He’s not nice to her at all.

When she ends up waiting over two hours and they haven’t come back for her, she decides to hitchhike home. On the way, after chatting with the two people who offer her rides, she decides to go on to Venice.

She spends a day in Venice, then misses the train home. On her way to the station the next day, she stops at a florist shop where there is a help wanted sign. She takes the job and stays in Venice for a while.

This was a wonderful tale of hope and I loved it. I also enjoyed the Venice scenes. Having been there, it was a neat addition to my enjoyment of this film. Here’s a link to the imdb info.

If you haven’t watched a foreign film, try it. It’s a whole different experience. Surprisingly, you won’t feel like you’re reading, the stories are usually so riveting. Give it a try and let me know what you think. If you like foreign films, too, give me some recommendations.

10 responses to “Foreign Film Recommendation

  1. I haven’t watched too many foreign films but your right in that the captions didn’t deter me from the story. This one sounds like a really good one.

    It’s 12:30 here so I’m off for bed. It’s been a great day even with the rain.

    • Hope you had a nice sleep, Lavada. I always set my posts for just after midnight here so you see them early there. I heard y’all had a bunch of rain.

      This IS a good story. Lots of giggles, too.

  2. I was surprised to see posts here already. đŸ™‚ I don’t watch foreign films. Maybe I should say I haven’t watched them. Maybe it’s time. So…silly question. Where do you rent them from? Would I need to join Netflix or something?

    • hehehe. WHEN I remember it’s my day, I try to get it done on the night before and post it to set off a tad after midnight –

      Yes, I get them from netflix but we also have a cute little art house movie theatre here that I like to go to as well. This one was from Netflix. I watch on my computer or IPad.

  3. sandra tilley

    I love foreign films. And I love Venice, so I’m putting this one on my list.

  4. Haven’t watched too many foreign films, then again I don’t have time to watch many films anyway but when I do I love a good love story. This sounds like one I could enjoy, especially being set Venice one place that’s on my must go to list, not that I expect I will ever get there now. Thank you so much for bringing it to our notice, Jillian.

    • I don’t get to take the time to treat myself to films as much as I’d like to, Kit, but am always glad when I do. I hope you’ll get to Venice one day. It’s lovely and I adore the place. Let me know if you decide to watch it. It’s super sweet.

  5. This sounds like my kind of film. Haven’t watched too many foreign films, but watched a film with subtitles at the cinema a few years back. Went with a couple of girlfriends to see Mamma Mia. The main film was sold out, but the young chap at the box office told us there were seats available in the ‘subtitled for the hard of hearing’ cinema. We took them and after a few scenes I didn’t notice the subtitles at all.

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