Seasons of Creativity By Valerie J. Patterson

Being a creative being, I consider myself to be in tune with nature.  The beginning of each season inspires me, recharges me, and ignites my creativity.  I love fall.  Nature settles down for a long winter nap.  Everything becomes dormant and … well gray once Autumn’s dance is over and the colors have faded from view.  Outside my mother’s kitchen window is a massive evergreen whose strong limbs reach heavenward in praise of God.  It turns a fiery yellow every autumn and then gracefully loses its needles.  It’s the only evergreen I’ve ever seen do this.  It’s an incredibly gorgeous tree.  My pastor’s wife loves winter trees, the pose they strike as they wait for new life to spring anew is beautiful to her.  Because of her, I’m looking at trees in a new light these days.  I have found that she is right.

Winter intrigues me.  It covers everything with a frosty white that is the epitome of purity, and being clean, and pristine beauty.  I have to have the winter of my year every year.  It’s in my creative blood to see beauty in starkness, I think.  Besides, I love that moment where I breathe out and the winter wind blows my breath back onto my glasses and causes them to fog over.  That’s the moment I know winter has gracefully arrived and said hello to me.

Summer fascinates me.  The sun chases away the moon for a few extra hours each day.  There are lovely aromas in the air from flowers to bar-b-ques to sunscreen.  My favorite scent of summer is the ocean.  That cool spray that washes over hot skin and leaves behind a trace of salt water and the aroma of the beach.

But spring enchants me.  When the first bursts of life spring forth in shades of green, brilliant hues of flower blooms, and babies of many species, I want to sit very still and capture it all with my eyes, my nose, my ears, and my mind.  I don’t just want to admire it, I want to be part of it if only as a bystander.  The dormancy of winter virtually explodes vital life in springtime where I live.  I can sit beneath a tree and experience the faintest caress of a breeze on my face and arms and it always carries with it fresh, new scents that I would miss if I didn’t stand still and wait for it.

I see God’s creative hand in every season, and I know that He gave me just a teeny bit of that creativity when He made me, when He crafted the designer original that I am … that we all are.

I don’t think I could live where there weren’t four very distinct seasons.  Perhaps it would stifle my creativity?

What inspires you?

Until next time, I hope you all are well and enjoying the fresh vitalization that spring delivers.


12 responses to “Seasons of Creativity By Valerie J. Patterson

  1. I too love the seasons but dislike winter because I hate being cold though love watching snow falling. As an artist all the seasons inspire me, as a writer spring renews my enthusiasm. Like you, I don’t think I could live where there were no seasons. Just wish summer would hurry up here. X

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Hi Kit! Thank you for reading and commenting. I love snow whether it’s falling or fallen. A fresh blanket on the ground is beautiful. The seasons of 2012 seem to be a little confused. We had warm, humid days in March and April, which is quite unusual, but May has been mostly rainy and cool. Perfect sleeping weather, though! With only a month of spring left, I am wondering what summer will be like. Have a fantastic weekend! 😛

  2. I agree. The changing seasons are magical. I always thought I was a winter person, but these days, I like the seasons of change best–Spring and Autumn. This past week we got the deck furniture out and I’ve been sitting outside doing my writing. Except I find myself simply staring out at the yard a LOT, so I’m not sure I’m getting much done. Maybe I have Spring Fever, eh?

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Spring fever? Perhaps. Maybe you just need some down time to enjoy your surroundings after being cooped up all winter long? We’re going to get our outside living space ready this afternoon. It’s my little slice of heaven! Our side deck is a screened enclosure so that we can enjoy the out of doors sans bugs and other critters! Where we live is mostly quiet so I can sit out there and think, daydream, sleep, read, and write. Whichever strikes my fancy. Enjoy your outdoor life, and if you find yourself gazing off, just go with the flow! Thanks for reading! Happy weekend to you, Laurie! 😛

  3. Valerie, Thanks for a great walk through the seasons this morning. Loved it. I like the changing seasons best because of moderate temps. Though in the Pacific NW you never know. We can get into the 80’s in April and 60 in the middle of summer. This year Spring has been late with a LOT of rain. The last week has been great and I’m loving the patio time.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      You’re very welcome, Lavada! Thank you for reading! I’m glad you’re also spending time outside with nature. Just sitting outside can be refreshing. My dad loved to sit outside after work and after dinnertime. I can remember him liking it so well he would move the TV outside and we’d all sit on our large front porch as a family sipping the cold beverage of our choice and watching the TV together. Enjoy your springtime, Lavada and have a fantastic weekend! 😛

  4. Beautiful post. Very lovely. I am a fan of trees as well- no matter the season but I especially love the look of stark, bare trees against the sky. They take my breath away.

    Having not much change of seasons here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I like to travel to take in the various seasons,

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Thank you for reading and for your kind words, Jillian! I will have to let the pastor’s wife, Tresa, know that you share her passion for winter trees. She has a lovely painting above her sofa of stark winter trees beneath moonlight, with snow all around. It’s a very “quiet” landscape, and she says it peaceful and beautiful, and she’s right.

      I don’t know how far you travel for seasons, but I highly recommend the Finger Lakes region of New York for a leaf peeping tour. Steve and I go about every other year over the Columbus Day weekend when the leaves are at peak or near-peak color. Lake Keuka is breathtaking and reminds me of an older time. Keuka park is where you’ll find older men fishing, children riding bikes, couples holding hands, and families picnicking. There are wine trails to discover as well. Lovely area.

      Hope you’re enjoying a peaceful and restful weekend, Jillian! 😛

  5. Such a lovely post. Spring is my favourite season, especially when the daffodils and tulips come out. Love to have vases of them all over the house. Not a great fan of winter. Being a summer baby, I like the warmth and the sun 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Oh, I love tulips! There is an elderly couple nearby that have the prettiest tulips every year. Such an array of colors. I tried my hand at tulips twice and both times failed. So I just settle for a vase of them each springtime. In our outdoor living area, I have a nice-sized planter of Asian lilies that are easy to grow, easy to care for, and add lovely color to the area. Lilacs are another spring flower I wish were around a little longer than a couple weeks. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tricia. Happy weekend to you! 😛

  6. Love your post. My favorite season is always the one we are in right now. From being outside all the time to crawling up with a good book I can always find something fun to do each season on the year. Thank you for a wonderful post.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Hi Nancy, thank you for reading. I hope you are enjoying your spring, and any opportunity to curl up with a book is a good thing! 😛

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