I seem to be getting slower, it must be this amazing sun that we are seeing. Always lots of work to do on the farm and we seem to be outside later and later, or maybe we are getting slower and slower.
Jim is anxiously waiting to get the garden in but we had a couple of hard frosts last week so maybe this weekend or Memorial Day weekend is always good for planting.
We have one new calf. His name is Ryder and he is adorable (of course). Always hoping for a girl but you take what you get around here. He is so gentle that it boggles my mind. He’ll come right up to me when I go out to feed and we stand and have long conversations each time. He has the best Mom in the world, so unlike one that calved last year and completely ignored her calf. The poor calf was always dirty and we had to tie the mom to let the calf feed. Lainey is Ryder’s mother and she is a sweetheart. My granddaughter showed her a lot last year and she won several big shows with her. Hopefully Ryder will turn out as good as his mother and we can sell him.
Daisy, hmmm, that’s a different story. All of a sudden she is afraid to go out in the field with the cows. She stays by the back porch and waits for me to do chores and even barks if I take too long. Not sure what that is all about. Momma cows can be nasty so maybe she had a bad experience while we were gone one day, or Daisy is getting more and more spoiled each day. She wants to be with one of us all the time and hardly lets us out of her sight. I need to get another dog for her to play with so maybe we’ll do a rescue dog in the next couple of weeks. My heart goes out to those little dogs when we drive by the shelters and I always want to bring some home with me. We’ll see. Jim isn’t real excited about another dog.
We are finally getting our softball games in and both our boys and girls high school baseball and softball teams are in the playoffs. Should be fun and hopefully this weather will last a while.
Sorry this is so short and I really don’t have a good excuse. Today we are off to Jim’s Mom’s house. She is 92 today and I’ve been trying to think of something to get her. I think I’ll fix a little box of applesauce and pickled beets to take to her because she loves both of them. I’ll have to raid my “fruit room” and see what I can round up.
Hope your spring is going as well as ours. Looking forward to a fun filled summer!!!


11 responses to “NEW CALF

  1. Good morning Nancy. Little boys calves are adorable. We’ve found the baby boys are better than the girls in the horse and dog species too. I’m glad Jim’s mother is doing so well. I know there’s been some ups and downs. 92 ahhhh, and to be able to do some much for herself.

    We, like you are enjoying the weather but no garden for us. We have trouble just keeping the flower beds up.

    Oh and I need some more of your recipes so I can post them on my Mondays. You cook more than I do. 🙂

  2. What a cutie. Sweet. I’m glad he’s got a good mama. Love his name.

    Happy birthday to your mother. I hope you have a wonderfulk visit with her. What a treasure to still have her around.

  3. If it’s spring, it must be time for calving. Our newest calf arrived last week, a baby bull, to join our other newborn, also a bull. to my eye, they appear identical, but I’m sure their mothers know the difference. When last I saw them they were snoozing together in the deep shade while their dad and moms were munching the grass around the blackberry bushes…which bodes well for means blackberry jam later this summer.

  4. I truly enjoy the touch of farm life we get to glimpse through your blogs, Nancy. Thank you so much for sharing. Ryder sounds adorable.
    My husband has been busy for the past week getting the garden in, so I’m guessing a lot of folks are doing the same thing. The whole slowing down thing hits home for us, as it takes a week to do what we used to do in a day or so. lol
    Happy Spring! And Happy Birthday to Jim’s Mom!

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I hope your husband’s mom had a great day for her birthday. I’m certain she enjoyed to gift, too. I enjoyed your post…reading about your new calf, Ryder. Hope your garden produces bushels!

  6. so so cute

  7. Cows are so cute when young, and inquisitive and clever. Enjoy reading about farm life. What a fantastic age your mom-in-law has reached. Hope she had a great day celebrating with you all.

  8. Thanks everyone and I’ll have much better pictures for later. I can’t believe how awful his mother looked in that picture. Way too much mud up here!

  9. Aww, what a cutie pie. Always love reading your blogs.

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