Crazy Crust Peach Pie

I love peach pie, peach preserves, peach anything so this recipe that Nancy sent me is going to be a must try.


1 cup flour
2 TBLS sugar
½ tsps salt
2/3 cups shortening
1 egg
1 tsps baking powder
¾ cup water

Blend and beat 2 minutes with elecric mixer. Place in a 10 inch pie pan.
Add 1 cup of canned Peaches.

Bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes.

NOTE: if you use fresh Peaches bake at 350 for 45-60 min


7 responses to “Crazy Crust Peach Pie

  1. Sounds too scrummy for me to resist! Note to self – Don’t look at recipes when you are on a diet! I love peaches, especially the huge ones you get abroad and not the little scrawny, hard ones we get in England. 🙂

  2. Hi Kit, How is the diet doing? I know you are “Slimming for George” and I’m wishing you much success both for the weight and the fundraising.

    We can’t grow peaches here in Western Washington. To cool and wet.

  3. Ooooh. My husband just showed me our peach tree and it looks like we have a shot at a bumper crop this year. He and I both love peach pie. So, have you or Nancy made this? I’m curious about the fact that there’s no top crust? I’m printing it out in the hopes that I get to try it with peaches from our lone tree. 🙂

  4. Hi Lavada, diet hard work but have lost a few pounds. Better off than on!

  5. WOW! Super easy!!!!!! Sounds yummy!

  6. Laurie, I tried a peach tree and it never did a thing. How lucky you can grow them on this side of the mountain. Nancy has made it. I haven’t yet.

    Kit, diets are hard work. For years and years (until I was in my early 30’s) I had trouble keeping weight on. I’d gain 5lbs and any little thing and it would go right back off. OHHHHHH for those days back again. 🙂

    Jillian, it does sound easy and I’m into easy cookin’

    • Lavada, our peach tree is a frost peach, meant to thrive in this environment. I wouldn’t say it does ALL that well, but every 2-3 years, we gt a bumper crop. This is hopefully going to be one of those years. Once, I made 4 peach pies and we put up about 12 quarts of peaches. It was HEAVEN. 🙂

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